Sunday, February 01, 2015

February Goal - Redwork and Marsala

I shared this old UFO yesterday ... today, in spite of a major oopsy, I am designating it as my goal for a lovely finish in February.

Along with the 12 redwork squares and fabrics I shared yesterday, I now also have 115 small three-inch 9-patch blocks--33 of which were made with a reversed placement of lights and darks (the oopsy mentioned above) ... this may lead me to make a larger quilt or an interesting pieced back or a second project.

As I was cutting and sewing yesterday, I realized that the dull reds in this fabric line are Pantone's color of the year: Marsala ... I guess everything old does come back in style again.

There was some confusion in my post yesterday. I didn't mean that this project was a contender for the fundraiser wall quilt for the retreat, in competition with those bright log cabins.

These redwork stitches were made as I passed time with my father during transfusions and hospital stays during the last year of his life. Often, the fabrics were cut and patterns transferred in a rush and some are a bit off-center as a result.  They contain a lot of reminders of the emotional roller-coaster we rode during that period of time. They are bittersweet reminders. They have made me too sad for me for a long time, but now I feel ready to turn them into a beautiful reminder of that time spent with my dad.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wall Quilts

I was asked if I would make a wallhanging quilt for a raffle at the guild retreat. I agreed then realized that I rarely make wall quilts. I make little doll quilts or quilts that are at least throw-sized. So, I have been thinking about what I might make for the guild and some wall quilt-sized UFOs in the studio.

I thought putting these bright little log cabins on the design wall might inspire an idea. These are 6-inch blocks from a block exchange long ago. I always intended to make more-enough for a bed quilt ... but since that hasn't happened, I am thinking they might become that raffle quilt.

The other project I pulled out of a bin of UFOs is this set of redwork squares and some fabrics put aside to use with them.

This one will stay with me, but I am thinking it might be time to put it together. The January lotto block has inspired a new setting idea and a plan to make some scrappy double 9-patch blocks on this snowy, overcast day.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Lovely Day, A Lovely January Finish

Lovely Day, Lovely FinishI finished stitching down the binding on the plaid zig-zag mystery quilt Sunday night and it was such a beautiful sunny day on Monday, I thought to take it outside for a photo.

Of course, Johnny protested that I was outside in his territory without him.

Johnny asks, "What about me?"

It was perfectly calm UNTIL I hung the quilt over the wall of the upstairs deck ... I waited until the wind died down enough for the quilt to become mostly flat again. Here it is again, from a different perspective.

A different perspective

I'll be linking this post to the finishes party for A Lovely Year of Finishes later this month. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Blocks on the Wall

Here's a look at my design wall today.

Design Wall - January 19, 2015

 On the left are five black and white Double Nine-Patches for the January Block Lotto. You can read more about these (and download the block pattern) here:  New Year, New Block.

On the right are a pair of red and white blocks called Serendipity blocks for the new block lotto at the local guild ... as many years as I have been organizing the lotto for, I have to support anyone who is taking on a similar project.

On the wall just before this photo was taken is my first February lotto block. Now all I have to do is write up the block pattern.

There are some much more interesting design walls over at Judy's Design Wall Monday link up.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Calming, Meditative Quality of Handwork

Stitching Down the BindingI planned to spend this afternoon in the studio. I knew I would come back from the quilt show full of inspiration and would be itching to quilt.

After I had followed up on some lovely blog comments and email messages, I felt torn about what to do next: play with the pressure foot and rulers I bought at the show to do ruler work? Baste the big broken dishes rainbow scrap quilt and start quilting it (with threads acquired for that purpose at the show)?  Finish the thread work cat? Something else?  Something New? Make more January blocks for the Block Lotto? Make the February blocks and get the pattern written for the sneak peek next week?

I decided to retreat to the den, pull out the flannel zig-zag quilt, stitch down a bit more of the binding and think about it.

I made more progress toward finishing this old UFO and I came downstairs feeling more centered and equipped with a plan for my afternoon.  Since any progress is progress, I'm joining the WIPs be Gone list on a Quilting Reader's Garden.

Kathy asked for a show of hands for Slow Sunday Stitching today ... here's mine, wearing the tailor's thimble which is my choice for hand sewing. I will return to this binding later today ... the end is in sight and I'd love to be putting this snuggly quilt on the bed soon.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rainbow Scraps Inspiration

I had a plan for projects I wanted to work on as part of the Rainbow Scraps Challenge in 2015. (You might have noticed that since the arrival of the new year, I haven't worked on any of them).

I had been thinking that I didn't want to make another "rainbow" quilt, then I saw this, hanging outside the Accuquilt booth at AQS Quiltweek in Albuquerque.

Accuquilt Inspiration

(Photo taken with their permission.)  Most of these shapes are made from smaller units and I already own most of the dies I'd need to do something like this from my scraps.

I am headed back to the show to see the rest of the quilts and ... maybe buy one of the dies I'd need if I decide I DO have another rainbow quilt in me ;-) 

I'm sharing with the Scrap Happy Saturday crowd ... in case anyone is inspired to join me. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Freezing Fog, Nor Wintry Mix ...

The drive from Santa Fe to AQS Quilt Week in Albuquerque this morning was filled with interesting weather, but I just slowed down and persevered and accepted that I might be late for the workshop. Somehow, even though traffic on the highway came to a dead stop for no apparent reason when I was only about 10 miles away, I made it.

I spent the day in a workshop with Jennifer Day and here's what my piece looked like at the end of the workshop.

I can't wait to finish this up at home this weekend, but first ... I will be enjoying the show and doing a little shopping tomorrow.

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