Saturday, April 18, 2015

Good morning SNOW!

The weather forcast said colder temps (warming up tomorrow), with the possibility of snow on the high mountains.  Santa Fe isn't that high ... but I woke up to this.

Snow on April 18
View of the Arroyo from the studio

I guess it was a little premature when I turned off the radiant heat system earlier this week ... this morning all the tile and concrete (in the studio) floors in the house feel like ice.  Good thing I haven't yet packed away all my winter clothes–it's a day for a sweaters, corduroys and Uggs. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Briar Patch Pattern Information

My design wall looks much the same as the last time you saw it, except all the Briar Patch blocks are made and have been sewn into 4-patches.

All the Briar Patch blocks

Next, I'll be choosing fabrics for the the interior squares between the blocks and the triangles around the outside. 

I have posted the pattern information throughout the progress of this quilt, but whenever I don't, commenters ask and this weekend when I went to get the link for someone who asked, I noticed that the pattern is going to be discontinued ... so if you have been thinking about it, best to get it now. 

Here's the link: 

Judy Niemeyer's Briar Patch pattern

Update: joining Angie's list for WIPS Be Gone - now that the foundations have been pieced, the end is in site. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rainbow Scraps at the Quilt Retreat

I decided to work on some more scrappy paper foundation-pieced Briar Patch blocks during the guild retreat ... with the goal of making ALL of the rest of the blocks I need, in the colors that I need them.  The colors of the day for me yesterday were red, pink and PURPLE, putting me in sync with the Rainbow Scraps Challenge this weekend.

Here are three of the six purple blocks I made yesterday.

Purple Briar Patch Blocks

The end of the paper piecing phase of this quilt project is in sight. Yay! You're maybe as sick of seeing them on my blog as I am of piecing them ... next up is arranging and rearranging on the design wall, adding the plain squares and setting triangles and cutting fabrics for the pieced inner border of half-square triangles.

Before returning to the retreat this morning, I had to put them up on the design wall to double check the blocks/colors needed.  So now, the in-progress quilt looks like this:

All the Briar Patch blocks made so far

That perfect backing fabric that I found on Massdrop has been shipped and is on the way.  I'm also thinking it will work for the outer border if there is enough. Who knows?  If I continue to push to get this top pulled together, perhaps I'll make enough progress to be ready for it when it arrives.

Updating this post to link to Angie's WIPS Be Gone list–now that all the blocks are pieced, the end is in sight.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Looking for Mr. Right - My Finished Wall Hanging

It was an 11th hour finish of the wallhanging I made for the Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild's retreat raffle quilt. Here it is thrown over the rail on the porch outside the retreat center.

Over the rail at the retreat center

I didn't take a photo of it hanging inside (on an improvised hanging system using a curtain rod and two bungee cords ... that worked surprisingly well)–I will update this post with a photo of that because I had low expectations that it would work at all.  Here it is "test hanging" on the gray-green wall in my kitchen earlier today.

Test hanging in my kitchen

Updated with a few more photos of the quilt:  hanging at the retreat behind the fabric sale table; a close-up of my improvised quilt hanging system (using two bungee cords); and a peek at the back.

Hanging at the Retreat Improvised bungee hanging system A peek at the back
(click for larger images on Flickr)

After tormenting myself trying to decide on thread colors and quilting design, I decided to go with a simple spiral, using medium gray thread.  I tried a different approach to quilting the center of the spiral (bad idea), but I am still happy enough with the result.  Here are detail photos of a log cabin block, an Oklahoma Boomer and one of Julie's "Boomerettes"(there is a second boomerette on the back). 

Brite log cabin block Oklahoma Boomer block A Boomerette!
(click for larger images on Flickr)

At some point during the quilting and binding, in my easily amused mind, the quilt became Looking for Mr. Right. 

The quilt measures 36-inches wide by 42-inches high. The spiralling quilting lines are approximately 1/2-inch apart - quilted on my little purple Bernina using the the walking foot.  Here it is one more time, in the sunny courtyard ... my outdoor photography definitely need work :-)

In the courtyard

The quilt top has been waiting to be quilted for a while ... I ended up finishing the quilt the day before the retreat.  I'm celebrating this 11th hour finish on the following:

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Friday, April 03, 2015

More Strings - My Goal for a Lovely Finish in April

When I finally finished the moldy golden oldie String Star quilt–now known as Then & Now–it felt so good that I decided to pull another string quilt top out of the UFO trunk and make finishing it my goal for a lovely finish in April.

This Liberated Wedding Ring quilt is another from Gwen Marston's book, Liberated String Quilts.

I began making the blocks during a virtual online retreat with the liberated quilters Yahoo group at the end of January, 2010.

These were fun to put together and about a week later, I posted a Progress Report with the completed top, taken in my itty bitty loft in Dallas.

Johnny inspects the completed top

In that 5 year-old blog post, I mentioned how, Gwen's quilt has beautiful, traditional quilting . . . and I plan to attempt the same.  I realize now how the notion of beautiful traditional quilting completely intimidated me and is, in part, the reason this one has been folded up and put away for so long. Here's that inspiring-yet-intimidating image of Gwen Marston's beautifully hand-quilting from the book:

Liberated Wedding Ring

I have ordered some thread and am thinking about how to quilt the top in a way that nods at that beautiful, traditional quilting design but also has some of me in it.  I am thinking of a pieced scrappy backing, so that will be my first task toward finishing my big red liberated wedding ring quilt. 

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Then & Now - The String Star Quilt is Finished!

As I was quilting the golden oldie UFO string stars and thinking about the differences between my quilting tastes and skill set back when I pieced the string stars and now, the name for the quilt was born: Then & Now. The finished quilt measures approximately 74 by 90-inches and was made using templates in Gwen Marston's book Liberated String Quilts.

I set things up a bit too close to one of the skylights in the studio, so the natural lighting is a little uneven, but you get the idea.

Then & Now

Back Then, I struggled when putting together the star blocks–none of them were flat–and had problems matching the points/seams when sewing the blocks together.  Now,  I have been quilting twice as long as then.  I would have used a different technique to assemble the blocks–thank you Jan Krentz–with a better result: flat stars and matched seams. I would have chosen different proportions for the borders and probably included an inner border to float the star blocks.

Then, I chose the stencils I used for the quilting design, but was afraid that my quilting wasn't up to the task.  Now, it's easier for me to just go for it, even if my quilting still really isn't up to the task.  I embraced the attitude that every quilt is practice for those that follow ... and I practiced a few things while I finished this quilt. I used the stencils for the border and the large square spaces, but winged it for the rest.

Then & Now - Detail

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Plan B - My pillow for March FMQ Challenge

Em, of Em's Scrapbag, calls it a Plan B when you use blocks made for a different purpose in a new project.  I like that.   Here's my Plan B pillow, made for the March FMQ challenge.

March Pillow for FMQ CHallenge

And here's how it started.

The ideaAfter a demo and presentation of improvisational piecing at the Modern Mini-group, I wanted to try something more abstract than my usual.

At the time I had just finished Jenny's Welcome Spring stitchery design and thought I could improvise some borders, so I gathered some fabric scraps that would coordinate.

After playing around a bit, I had created a border that I thought looked interesting on it's own but ... absolutely horrible next to the stitchery.

I considered (and dismissed) a few ideas for using the improvised strip with the stitchery.

My Improvised Border   Ugh

Plan B

And then, Plan B was born.

I put a simple print border around Welcome Spring and combined my improvised border with another fabric and use it was the background for the March FMQ challenge.

I chose option #1:

Use the free FMQ tutorial provided by Patsy, from the 2012 FMQ Challenge, to create a FMQ Pillow adapting her border approach to your pillow design.  To clarify, you get to decide the number size of your pillow, the number of borders you wish to use, as well as which of the designs Patsy shared in this free tutorial, as you feel appropriate.

It was suggested that we sketch out our plan and practice first, but since this was my Plan B (and dangerously close to the end of the month), I just went for it.  Here are photos (front and back) of the quilting, before it was assembled into a pillow.

Quilted - before assembly into pillow

Quilting from the back
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