Free Quilt Block Patterns

When this page disappeared, it seemed like a good opportunity to rebuild it ... but I can't ever quite get around to it.  If you are looking for one of my block patterns and cannot find it, feel free to email me and ask.

Most Often Requested

Violet Block in 6 Sizes

(Kate used the block pattern to make this little quilt)

2014 Lotto Block Patterns

In 2014, blocks are either 7 inches square, 7-by-14 inch rectangles or 14-inch square (finished sizes)

January - Double Chevron  

February - Bead-on-a-String
March - Star Chain
April - Triangles in a square
Four of the Triangles-in-a-Square blocks
May - Diagonal Bars
4 Diagonal Bars Blocks
June - Sunrise
2 Sunrise Quilt Blocks
July - Spokes

4 Spokes blocks
August - Little Windows
September - Sweet Dreams

October - Woven Bars

2 Blocks

2013 Lotto Block Patterns

All of these blocks finish at 6 by 9 inches. 
January - Tall Shoo Fly
Sophie #4Sophie #3Ginny-1Tall Shoo Fly Directions

February - Low Volume String Heart
kathleen2Maree1Sophie6String Heart Block Directions

March - Steps Variation
Steps Block Directions 

April - Bird
 SophieBird2 SophieBird1 SophieBird6Bird Block Directions

May - Trio of Geese
Sophie's Trio of GeeseSophie-Trio-of-GeeseSophie's Trio of GeeseTrio of Geese Block Directions 

June - Tall Ship
 Sophie-5 Sophie-8 Sophie-6Tall Ship Block Directions

July - I-Spy House
Sophie_2Sophie_1sophie_3I-Spy House Block Directions

August - Tall Star
SophieStar2ThumbnailSophieStarThumbnailGinnyStarThumbnailTall Star guidelines

September - Boomer and Boomerette
 SophieBoomerThumbnail LizCBoomerThumbnail SophieBoomer2ThumbnailBoomer Back-to-School Block

October - Oak Leaf
SophieOakLeafThumbnailNannOakLeaf2ThumbnailNannOakLeafThumbnailOak Leaf Block in 6 Sizes 

November - Banded Basket
JoBasketThumbnailSophieBasket2ThumbnailSophieBasketThumbnailBanded Basket Block Directions 

December - Stripes
Sophie-Stripes9 Sophie-Stripes7Sophie-Stripes3jpgStripes Block Pattern
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