Friday, November 30, 2007

I did it . . . sort of

I posted more frequently than ever before–40 times during the 30 days of November . . . although I didn't manage to post each day.


More Miniatures From Houston

This postcard-sized art quilt was the smallest entry in the category of Art-Miniatures in Quilts: A World of Beauty at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. It's The Marsh, made by Margarete Steinhauer of Scituate, Massachusetts.

The Marsh

It reminded me that many of the fiber postcards I've received in swaps truly are postmarked Art.

Here are thumbnails of my photos of some of the other quilts from this group. (You know the drill–click for larger images and title and quilter information.)

Happy Trails Cosmic Sunflower Sunrise Lateral Release Missouri Underground The Divine Miss M Zephirine Drouhin Katrina Autumn's Shadows Studio Pots Serendipity Blueberry Chrysalis II It's About Time Precious Memories Rocky Coast Sunrise

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Technology and Quilts

Two newer categories in Quilts: A World of Beauty were Computer-Aided Machine Embroidery and Digital Imagery. I haven't yet been bitten by the machine embroidery bug, but I really enjoyed the Digital Imagery category of quilts.

This is Isolation in the Cyber Age, made by Thelma McGough, Auckland, New Zealand.

Isolation in the Cyber Age

There were wonderful quilts that used printed images as discrete elements in their quilts, but I really loved the ones in which the artists used digital imagery in a more integral way.

This is the third place quilt in the category, Three Step, made by Peggy Brown, Nashville, Indiana.

Three Step

And, for fun, check out this detail photo of Get Pumped, made by Kim Ritter, Nassau Bay, Texas.

Detail from Get Pumped

All my photos from this category are tagged Digital Imagery on Flickr.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Winter Diptych In Progress

I didn't complete my response to Amy's Project Runway challenge for week 2 . . . but at least, this week, I got further than a sketch ;-)

Winter Diptych WIP

Each piece is approximately 8 inches wide and 16 inches high.

Perhaps I should have taken the same approach as some of the designers last week who ignored the requirement to make two pieces.

(composite image thanks to BPR–click for a closer look)

I've just finished watching this week . . . and can't wait to read how Amy re-interprets it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Larger Than Life Quilts

Two special exhibits at the International Quilt Festival featured larger than life quilts. This is the St Mary Triptych by Terri Hancock Mangat of Taos, New Mexico.

St. Mary Triptych

The triptych consists of The Apparition of Mary, The Wisdom Quilt, The Resurrection

The Resurrection The Wisdom Quilt The Apparition of Mary

The Quilt of Belonging is another larger-than-life quilt of epic proportions. It measures 120 foot long by 10.5 foot high (36 metres by 3.5 metres) and contains 263 blocks representing all the First Peoples in Canada and every nation of the world. This photo is from the Quilt of Belonging web site. (No photos were allowed at the show.)

Each of those white squares is a quilt block which represents a country or tribe of the maker's origin.

I purchased the book which provides information about each block and the person who made it. You can also view the individual blocks in the gallery on the site.

In her remarks at the Bernina Fashion Show, Karey Bresnahan said this was the most expensive exhibit they have ever brought to the Festival. It was truly awe-inspiring.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Image Meme

Kate and Amy made it look like fun, so here goes . . .

1. How old will you be on your next birthday?

(I'm not even used to being 53 yet. . .)

2. A place you'd like to visit

(Antibes, France - I loved living there and would love to go home.)

3. One of your favourite places to visit

(Mountains are good for my soul.)

4. Your favorite object

5. Your favourite food

6. Your favourite animal(s)

curled up kittens.
(Admittedly a little bit of a cheat, but Johnny and Gracie wouldn't have it any other way.)

7. Favorite color

8. Name of a past pet

(Merlin, in case you don't recognise him.)

9. Where you live

(I feel like a move is in my future, but I'm not sure where.)

10. First grade teacher's last name

11. Your middle name

(I dont' have one.)

12. A bad habit of yours

13. Your college major

14. Favorite holiday

If you would like to play along, here's how:
  1. Answer each of the questions and then type each response into the Google image search.
  2. Choose an image from the first page of results for each answer and post it on your blog.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Walking in This World

I created this blog a couple years ago as a requirement of a group of quilters working their way through Julia Cameron's The Artist Way.

When we finished, a few of us talked about looking at the sequel, Walking in the World, but never really got started.

(image and link, courtesy of Amazon)

I'm ready now . . . and planning to start after the holidays, in early January. Want to join me? My "walks" should be interesting, given Michigan winters and short winter days.

Beautiful Traditional Appliqué Quilts

All the quilts in the Traditional Appliqué category of Quilts: A World of Beauty were just too beautiful for words. This is the First place quilt, Persephone Smiles, made by Margarete Heinisch, West Hills, California.

Persephone Smiles

Here's the second place winner, Scottish Dance, made by Linda Steele, Park Orchards, Victoria, Canada.

Scottish Dance

The Schimmelbusch Family Quilt, made by Jaimie Davis, Tigard, Oregon, was one of several truly wonderful Baltimore album quilts in this category.

Schimmelbusch Family Quilt

Be sure to click the photos for larger images and to click over to my photos on Flickr tagged Traditional Applique for detail photos of these quilts and photos of other beautiful traditional appliqué quilts.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Falling into Winter

Thanksgiving Day Snow Some of the trees still have their leaves–some of them are still green–but the snow that fell early on Thanksgiving has stuck . . . and still covers the ground because the temperature dropped and stayed there. I hope those Black Friday shoppers who went out and stood in line before the doors opened were bundled up.

I have been content to spend today inside and make soup, venturing out only as far as the patio . . .

Snow-covered Rosemary. . . to knock the snow and ice off some rosemary and thyme in the planters that I probably should have brought inside last week.


cash advance

(This must mean everyone who reads this blog is very smart ;-)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Just Like Being There

I was looking through my photos from the International Quilt Show in Houston and realized I'd missed a group from the Sacred Threads exhibit, including this one, Kwanza Glow, by Kit Tossman, Louisville, Kentucky.

Kwanza Glow

One afternoon at the show, I found myself discovering these quilts . . . after I thought I'd already seen all of this exhibit. See? Just like being there. This one is Island 2 by Kathy Lichtendahl, Clark, Wyoming.

Island 2

Here are thumbnails for my photos of more quilts from Sacred Threads. As usual, click for larger images, titles and artist information.

Her Cup Runneth Over The End of the Pier Detail from Mother of Us All Mother of Us All The Fingerprint of God Bedazzled Losses Honoring Those Who Served Night in November Coming Out of the Dark Inspiration: The Designer's Elements Liaison

Even though I saw them in two pieces at the show and blogged them as two posts separated by time, you can see all my photos from the exhibit together on Flickr, tagged Sacred Threads.
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