Thursday, November 29, 2007

Technology and Quilts

Two newer categories in Quilts: A World of Beauty were Computer-Aided Machine Embroidery and Digital Imagery. I haven't yet been bitten by the machine embroidery bug, but I really enjoyed the Digital Imagery category of quilts.

This is Isolation in the Cyber Age, made by Thelma McGough, Auckland, New Zealand.

Isolation in the Cyber Age

There were wonderful quilts that used printed images as discrete elements in their quilts, but I really loved the ones in which the artists used digital imagery in a more integral way.

This is the third place quilt in the category, Three Step, made by Peggy Brown, Nashville, Indiana.

Three Step

And, for fun, check out this detail photo of Get Pumped, made by Kim Ritter, Nassau Bay, Texas.

Detail from Get Pumped

All my photos from this category are tagged Digital Imagery on Flickr.

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