Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Larger Than Life Quilts

Two special exhibits at the International Quilt Festival featured larger than life quilts. This is the St Mary Triptych by Terri Hancock Mangat of Taos, New Mexico.

St. Mary Triptych

The triptych consists of The Apparition of Mary, The Wisdom Quilt, The Resurrection

The Resurrection The Wisdom Quilt The Apparition of Mary

The Quilt of Belonging is another larger-than-life quilt of epic proportions. It measures 120 foot long by 10.5 foot high (36 metres by 3.5 metres) and contains 263 blocks representing all the First Peoples in Canada and every nation of the world. This photo is from the Quilt of Belonging web site. (No photos were allowed at the show.)

Each of those white squares is a quilt block which represents a country or tribe of the maker's origin.

I purchased the book which provides information about each block and the person who made it. You can also view the individual blocks in the gallery on the site.

In her remarks at the Bernina Fashion Show, Karey Bresnahan said this was the most expensive exhibit they have ever brought to the Festival. It was truly awe-inspiring.


Sheri said...


Debra Dixon said...

Definitely my 2 favorite exhibits!

You've done a fabulous job of photographing the show and then sharing it with us. Thank you.

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