Monday, November 19, 2007

Innovative Quilting

It's not always clear to me what makes a quilt innovative versus traditional, but the quilts in the four Innovative categories at the International Quilt Festival in Houston were wonderful.

Below are a detail photos from Peony Dream Melody, the second place winner for Innovative Appliqué Large, made by Molly Hamilton-McNally, Tehachapi, California, on the left and, on the right, Shelter, a quilt in the Innovative Appliqué Small, made by Roxanne Bartel, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Detail from Peony Dream Melody Detail from Shelter

The rest of my photos of these two categories are tagged Innovative Appliqué on Flickr.

The Innovative piecers did not disappoint. Here's Cosmati Stars, the second place winner in the Innovative Pieced Large category, made by Judy Mathieson of Sebastopol, California.

Cosmati Stars

And a detail from Sonoran Stars, by Sherri Driver, Tucson, Arizona, the second place winner in the Innovative Pieced, Small category.

Detail from Sonoran Stars

The rest of my photos of the Innovative Pieced quilts, Large and Small are tagged Innovative Pieced on Flickr.


Debra Dixon said...

Thanks for all these great quilt photos! Some look very familiar and others are new to me. Next year I am spending a day looking at the show by myself.

Sheri said...

The quilt photo's are beautiful. Again rather intimidating.My quilts look primitive compared to these works of art.

Rian said...

Sophie, you have done a fantastic job of showcasing these quilts and shows. Especially the thumbnails. Thank you. There is so much to see at the IQF that even if you think you saw everything, you didn't.

sophie said...

Probably the hardest thing for me at the show was to give up on the idea that I could see it all. Once I did that, I enjoyed the experience a lot more.

Christine Thresh said...

Thank you so much for giving us a guided tour of the show. It is just delightful.
What a lot of work you did (and are doing).

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