Friday, November 16, 2007

The Sky, the Moon, the Universe and Everything

The Sky's the Limit exhibit in Houston included a wonderful diversity of subject matter, technique, color . . . here is Hot and Exhausted, made by Patricia Anderson Turner, Charlotte Harbor, Florida.

Hot and Exhausted

Click these thumbnails of other quilts from The Sky's the Limit 2007 for larger images, titles and quilter information, or check out my photos labelled The Sky's the Limit (with more detail photos, too).

Dancing with the Chinook Topographical Series V–Views from a Plane Louca Lua (Crazy Moon) Solar Magic Whirlpool Galaxy Comet Flight of Fancy Evening Star Moon Light Reflection If Hundertwasser Did the Northern Lights Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire! Stardust Cosmic Collision Other Worlds 2 Red Sky Rondelet Solar Flare Eclipse Sunset at Temple Bar V838, Monocerotis Red Sky at Night Space Boy The Day of Three Suns Siberian Mooblight Sonata Blue Skies/Abandon Night Quilting with Hertzsprung and Russell Air: That Which Surrounds & Influences Scarlet Worlds Deep Blue Yonder Crab Nebula Collision Saturun 1 Kyoto Sky The Sky in Monet's Garden–Sunrise to Sunset Le Matin Mystique Prairie Dawn Seven Times Seven Sisters:Rainbow Nebula Starshine Prevailing Winds...mgm3 A Solar Storm What you See Here, You Don't See There Ursa Major What the Hubble Saw

Enjoy . . . then let me know if this is a better way to blog bunches of quilt show photos?

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