Friday, November 23, 2007

Just Like Being There

I was looking through my photos from the International Quilt Show in Houston and realized I'd missed a group from the Sacred Threads exhibit, including this one, Kwanza Glow, by Kit Tossman, Louisville, Kentucky.

Kwanza Glow

One afternoon at the show, I found myself discovering these quilts . . . after I thought I'd already seen all of this exhibit. See? Just like being there. This one is Island 2 by Kathy Lichtendahl, Clark, Wyoming.

Island 2

Here are thumbnails for my photos of more quilts from Sacred Threads. As usual, click for larger images, titles and artist information.

Her Cup Runneth Over The End of the Pier Detail from Mother of Us All Mother of Us All The Fingerprint of God Bedazzled Losses Honoring Those Who Served Night in November Coming Out of the Dark Inspiration: The Designer's Elements Liaison

Even though I saw them in two pieces at the show and blogged them as two posts separated by time, you can see all my photos from the exhibit together on Flickr, tagged Sacred Threads.

1 comment:

Christine Thresh said...

It is so wonderful that you are doing this.
Kathy from Wyoming's quilt is really provactive.
Thanks for today's show.

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