Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Accepting My Limitations.

At Quilt Festival, I took a needlefelting workshop with Toni Carroll. Toni describes herself as an artist who sews. Her garments and hats are wonderful. In class we made hats from wool roving using hand and/or machine needle-felting techniques. It was fantastic.

I love taking classes and learning new things, but a large, noisy classroom is not the best environment for me to make creative decisions. So, accepting my limitations, I stuck to creating the base hat in class, then brought my hat-in-progress back to my quiet hotel room and worked on it there. It was a really enjoyable Saturday night.

My Hotel Workspace

I stopped here. I'll add more shading, some stitching and probably some beads. My plan is to block it for a better fit, add a ribbon headband inside and create a shaped brim.

And the other side


Paula, the quilter said...

I can't create in a noisy environment either. Like you, I usually go back to my room/home and complete it.

sophie said...

I always offer an explanation to the instructor along the lines of It's me, not you. I'm happy with my progress and I will finish my project I'm just no good in this environment. This time I was surprised by her reply, explaining that she was the same way.

Debra Dixon said...

Wonderful hat!

I finished my little neck purse in my room in the afternoon too. Maybe it's more common then we all thought.

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