Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Details, Details

In the comments to some of my quilt show posts, Sheri shared that she finds the World of Beauty quilts rather intimidating. Who doesn't? I can't imagine that many quilters look at quilts like those and say to themselves, I could do that.

In This Quiet Place #2I may never make quilts like those, but I do know that I benefit from the exposure . . . and while taking them in, in their entirety is wonderful, I also learn from taking a close look at the details.

Had I not looked closely at the colorwash style wreath on this quilt from the Sacred Threads exhibit, In this Quiet Place 2, made by Cathy Pilcher Sperry, Cincinnati, Ohio, I would have missed the very clever use of ribbon embroidery to complete some of the flowers in the color wash squares.

Detail from In This Quiet Place #2 Detail from In This Quiet Place #2
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The other interesting thing about details is that we each notice different details in a work of art. In this quilt, my friend Diane noticed the paper foundation pieced border blocks on this quilt and liked the use of the colorwash fabrics in this way.

I was really happy to see that some of the quilts from Sacred Threads at the International Quilt Festival because I didn't make it back to Columbus for the show last summer. Here are the rest of my photos from the exhibit–click the thumbnails for titles and quiltmaker information. You can also find them on Flickr, tagged Sacred Threads.

Saint Hermon of Alaska, Wonderworker III Domestic Spirit, Expressions of Spirituality Birth of the People Mom, Maya and Me
Women's Work Divine Inspiration The Fledgling
Cuase and Effect Mourning the Third One Thousands Tears (lots of comments)

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Jamie Fingal said...

Thank you for posting my name and city next to my art quilt "Divine Inspiration." I am honored to have my piece on your blog as a work that inspired you in some way.

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