Thursday, November 15, 2007

Misses and . . . Misses

I was sure I'm meet Debra and Rian in Houston. Amy, Vicki and I were exactly where we were told to be . . . and waited for a half hour or so. It was great to meet Amy and Vicki (along with Mr. Calico Cat and Vicki's mom). Still no Debra; no Rian; no entourage. Lots of time standing in front of Debra's quilt for the Hoffman Challenge, Little Flower Urchins. No photo of Debra with her quilt, or chance to finally meet Debra.

LIttle Flower Urchins

I was sure I'd catch up with Dorothy, AKA Doro, a quilting forum member I've known for a while and met earlier this year in North Carolina. Although we didn't have a plan, I knew exactly where to find her (in one of the vendor booths), but got mixed up on when and missed her. Sorry, Doro.

Enter My Garden
I was sure I didn't need to make a plan to meet Maggie. Her flamboyant style makes her easy to spot in any crowd. Except I never did spot her and I went to lunch with a friend and missed her Meet the Designer session. This is Welcome to My Garden, her design for the Bernina Fashion Show which I also attended. I was confident I'd see her there, too. But I missed her.

I'm pretty sure that I'll catch up with Maggie at Spring Festival in Chicago . . . we're already planning for it ;-)

I did manage one meeting that was a hit–not a miss–with another quilting forum member, Jonna (JDO). We shared some shopping show & tell and a great meal at the original Ninfa's. I'm still craving Tex-Mex.


The Calico Cat said...

Can you believe that we did not have any Tex-Mex? My husband does not care for it. But in the past I have made him get a quesadilla - it is just a grilled cheese, right?

We ate "real" Italian, & Pizza - aka "faux" Italian & went to a nice Buffet (in addition to your run of the mill IHOP experiences.)

7:15 a.m. & I'm talking about food...

Debra Dixon said...

I was pretty bummed that I didn't meet you either. I never expected the dinner to take as long as it did beforehand. I wish I had had a picture of you so I could have watched for you in the crowds. But, I am glad you got to see my Little Flower Urchins quilt.

Then, there's always next year!

sophie said...

I guess we should have used those cell phone numbers we exchanged ;-)

Debra Dixon said...

Rian and I called you on Friday--maybe you were in class. Oh well, another year, maybe.

sophie said...

I was in class on Friday . . . with the Thermofax machine that caught on fire ;-)

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