Monday, November 19, 2007

Chicago School of Fusing

Here are more photos from Pressing Matters II, an exhibit by the members of the Chicago School of Fusing, at the Greater Chicago Quilt Expo.

Blue Chip Chair by Laura Wasilowski and Wow, That's Orange by Ann Fahl.

Blue Chip Chair Wow!  That's Orange

Dancing Trees by Frieda Anderson and Agava by Judy Coates Perez.

Dancing Trees Agava

Colorplay III by Anne Lullie and Blue Collander by Emily Parson.

Colorplay III Blue Collandar

This group of women are not only wonderful artists, but great teachers as well–I've taken classes from half of them. They are interesting bloggers, too, and genuinely seem to be a great group of friends who truly support and enjoy one another.


Hilda said...

Hey Sophie,
Thank you so much for sharing all your photos. I love Judy Coates Perez' work and would someday love to see it in person. You're doing an awesome job of posting entries. Alas, life here in Willard doesn't provide much to blog about!

Debra Dixon said...

Love that colander!

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