Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bed Turning

One of the hightlights of the Light House Quilters' show last weekend was a Bed Turning. An antique brass bed held 20 antique and vintage quilts, arranged in chronological order, one atop the other. Two guild members pulled each quilt off the top for a show and tell, with the historical information provided by a third member. If was fun to see the quilts and hear their histories.

Baby Bunting

This arrangement of New York Beauty blocks is known as Baby Bunting and is completely hand pieced and hand quilted. It's from the late 19th century.

All my photos from the event are tagged Bed Turning on Flickr; here are a couple more of my favorites.

A 1930's Double Wedding Ring.

1930s Double Wedding Ring

A graphic pink and white quilt from the 40's.

Unnamed quilt

A yo-yo coverlet with a very organized arrangment of yo-yos.

Yo Yo Coverlet

A classic red and white Chimney Sweep quilt–which one member of the quilt police in the audience insisted was an Album quilt (and wasn't happy with me when I suggested that both block names are correct).

Chimney Sweep

Sunday, July 29, 2007

At the Quilt Show, Thinking of You

On Saturday, I went to the Sew Charming Quilts show in Grand Haven with my friend Gayle. The Lighthouse Quilt Guild produced a very nice show. As I was walking around admiring their work, I couldn't help but think of some of the people I know only in cyberspace.

This pretty Delectable Mountains quilt by Sally Sundstrom reminded me of Micki's idea for a Scrappy Mountains Majesty swap being discussed on the Scrappy Quilts forum.

Delectable Mountains

Flowers in the Night by Jean Stordahl uses many black on black squares–I thought Kate would appreciate this quilter's collection of black fabrics.

Flowers in the Night Flowers in the Night (detail)

Spring Spectacular, by Jackie Bailey, is a Piece of Cake pattern with fried egg flowers in the border which reminded me of this month's lotto block, Purple Posy. I thought the lotto regulars would enjoy it.

Spring Spectacular! Spring Spectacular! (border detail)

I thought the Brown Bag Challenge was a neat idea and one that one of the swap hostesses on the Quilting forum or the Doll Quilt Swap Moms might take and run with it. (I took a photo of the guidelines, if you want to check it out).

Smell the Color Red Quilter's Bouquet
Field of Flowers African Beauties

Bobbie Vruggink's quilt, Whooters made me think of Krista and her hunt for owls in Waynesville during the Blue Ridge Quiltfest last March.

Whooters Whooters (detail)

Pink Embroidered Twelve-patch is made from vintage embroidered squares purchased at an estate sale by Judy Schippers. I thought Debra would recognize a kindred creative spirit--rescuing old blocks and making a beautiful quilt from them.

Pink Embroidered Twelve-Patch

Marchia Shoemaker's 3-D Bowtie Quilt, made from orphan blocks left over from making a larger quilt, brought to mind Finn's Orphan Train effort.

3-D Bowtie Quilt

You can see all my photos of the quilt show in my Flickr set Sew Charming Quilts 2007.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WIPs for Priority: Alzheimers

JDO has issued a challenge to everyone on the Quilting forum to make quilts for Ami Sim'a Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts Auction.

I plan to finish these two small quilts:

Leaves in the Wind Two Chairs

Ami want to take 1000 of these little auction quilts with her to Quilt Festival in Houston. Can you help?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not My Best Look

So many friends have been curious about the sleep study, so when I went back for round 2 last week, I took a camera. I especially like the red marker on my face and the twist ties holding my hair out of the way, don't you? They use glue to attach sensors to my scalp.

Almost Ready for Bed

If you're curious about why flannel pjs in July . . . it was all part of being as comfortable as I could be. I'd been a little cold during the first study. I brought a flannel quilt, my pillow and some wool footies to keep my toes warm, too.

Sensor WiresHow many sensors were there, you ask? Here they are, before they were attached to me. This box sat on the bed, next to me.

Of course my look wasn't complete until they added a mask with headgear . . . and then, a strap to prevent me from breathing through my mouth. The first mask proved to be too claustrophobic, the second one was a winner ;-)

But other than all that, the environment was quite comfortable and the observing tech was tucked away in the command center–out of sight, out of mind?

Inviting Bed Control Center

I came home with a CPAP unit and mask and can already tell that it's going to make a big difference in the quality of life for me.

Monday, July 16, 2007


233 is the number of times I stopped breathing during my sleep study last week.

I'm going back this week for round two, where I will learn to love the noisy, claustrophobia-inducing CPAP machine that I'm told will lead to the happy state of well-restedness. I didn't do so well last time. This time, I'll remember to bring my pillow, a quilt and . . . my camera so I can share a Frankenstein-like image of myself. I thought all those sensors (and glue and tape) would keep me awake, but it was the oxygen monitor clipped to my finger that was the most distracting.

As I learn more about sleep apnea, I wonder how much of the physical and lifestyle changes I've seen in myself the last few years and attributed to aging, menopause, allergies, extra pounds and Michigan winters may be cured by some real sleep.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Please Turn on your Feeds

I don't think a day passes that I don't discover a new blog and want to subscribe to it. I use a feed reader–its really the only way for me to keep track of all the wonderful, interesting blogs I find and want to follow. Today, it's Les Rèves Chaussures, written by Claire, a woman who dreams of shoes.

It's so disappointing when I find an interesting blog and can't add it because the author hasn't allowed blog feeds. (On blogger, it's under the Settings tab, the link at the top labeled Site Feed.)

So please turn on your feeds . . . and while I'm selfishly begging, would you be sure to allow a FULL feed, so people who use feed readers (like me) can see your whole blog post and not just a tease, a blurb with no pictures. I confess that with me, it's 50-50 whether or not your tease will compell me to click over to your blog to see the rest.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Quilt Retreat

Back in May–when life was too busy to blog–I ran away for a weekend with some local quilters for a retreat. I've added the photos to Flickr--check out the slide show or read on–warning: it's a very image-heavy post. Click any of the images for larger versions.

This was our home-away-from-home for the weekend–part of a conference center owned by the state's Department of Natural Resources. We had this dorm to ourselves. It contained sleeping rooms, a comfy big living room and a conference room which became our work room.

Our home away from  home

Walking to the LodgeAll meals were provided and were served a short walk away at the main lodge. Fresh coffee was always waiting for us in the lobby. Meals were served family style in the dining room.

Coffee at the Lodge Dining Hall

We quilted in the conference room. The group had reconfigured it by the time I arrived, moving tables into a big circle with ironing boards and a cutting table in the center. The white board they'd shoved into the corner became a perfect design wall with the addition of the flannel tablecloth I brought. The room had big windows on two sides and lots of great light.

Work Room Work Room
Cutting and Ironing Natural light

Everyone brought their own projects and did their own thing.

Success! Cat Wallhanging  . . .  Done! Chain Piecing Reading?  At  Quilt Retreat?

On Saturday afternoon, some of us took a break for a local shop hop of three quilt shops in a nearby town.

Shop #1: The Buttonhole Inside the Buttonhole Inside the Buttonhole Shop #2 - Caroline's
Inside Caroline's Shop # 3 Old Quilt Detail of Old Quilt

Back in the work room, my makeshift design wall saw a lot of action. Eventually, I used it, too--putting together a top from my purple buckeye blocks from Colene's Penny Pincher swap.

Community Design Wall Kids Soccer Quilt Top  . . .  Done! Putting Together Some Swap Blocks

After dark, we went outside and hung out around the fire.

Fire Ring

Sunday morning after breakfast, I went for a walk to the beach. It was chilly, but beautiful.

Walking to the Beach Lakeside Beauty
Chairs on the Beach Fire Ring, Daytime View

It was great to get away and make progress on some of my projects. In addition to the progress I made on my Penny Pincher swap blocks, I finished a quilt top and back for Quilts of Valor and completed the stretched star quilt (from a swap).

A QOV from me ... Done! Stretched Stars ... Done!

Just about everyone had a lot to show for themselves at the end of the weekend.

String Quilt Top . . . Done! Another Quilt Top  . . .  Done! Kit Quilt Blocks More Blocks In Progress Minature Quilt Top  . . .  Done!

After more fun at Sunday breakfast, we packed up and headed home.

Sunday Breakfast

I couldn't resist stopping at one last quilt shop on the way home. Yes, there's quite a large quilt shop inside this nursery.

And on the way home, another Quilt Shop!
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