Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

For Earth Day, I made these fiber postcards to swap with friends on the quilting forum on

Think Green Aspen Leaf

The design for birth cards came from a doodle of an Aspen leaf ... I'm happy with both interpretations. Next we'll be making and swapping fiber postcards for orWorld Turtle Day on May 23.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Please Bear With Me ...

Can I blame this on the vertigo? A blonde moment? I updated my template and, of course, lost ALL my ring code (and everything else from my side bar). Ugh ... suddenly this feels too much like work.

Please bear with me ... I will get it sorted out soon.

Through the Camera Lens

Does this happen to you? Sometimes I don't see something until I look at it through the camera lens. Like Joyce Murrin's quilt, Artisan Gate: Architectural View, from Tactile Architecture 2006.

Artisan Gate: Architectural View

I was so involved in looking at the detail, that I didn't see the door knob and hinges in the border that make it a door ... until I was framing the photo.

You can see the rest of my photos from this show, here: Tactile Architecture 2006.

Sometimes, I don't see something until I've uploaded the image to the web or printed it ... like the owlets in Out of the Northern Forest: The Great Horned Owl Family by Grace Errea from the Celebrate Spring! quilts I posted earlier.

Out of the Northern Forest: The Great Horned Owl Family

I completely missed those little guys until I was looking through my images on Flickr to make sure all the descriptions and artists' names were there.

It works the same when I take photos of my own work-in-progress--which is why I'll be disassembling my little Carolina Byways quilt and fixing something I never noticed before I started auditioning borders and taking photos before I add those borders ... sigh ...

Quilt (show) In A Day

I've attended IQA's Spring Quilt Festival in Chicago since its inception. In the past, I've stayed for the duration, from preview night to Sunday afternoon. This year, I decided to join my friends on the local quilt guild's one-day bus trip.

We left Lansing, Michigan at 6:30 AM (EDT) and arrived at the Rosemont Convention Center just as the doors were opening at 10 AM (CDT). We left just as the show was closing at 7 PM and arrived home around midnight. It was a long day.

Rest stop DSCN8987.JPG

I was slowed down a little because I woke up with vertigo like I've not experienced for a couple years (since my spectacular auto accident), but I came prepared--with a list, by booth number, of must-see vendors and a spare one-time-use battery for my digital camera so I wouldn't run out of juice ... unfortunately that spare came out of it's package DOA, so my photo-taking was cut short. I did manage to take a few hundred photos before that unfortunate moment--the first of which, the quilts from the juried show, Celebrate Spring! I've uploaded to the Flickr set Celebrate Spring 2007.

It would be hard to pick favorites among the fabulous quilts in this exhibit, but two quilts by Barbara McKie had me walking away and wanting to learn more about disperse dyes. The disperse dyed polyester fabrics in her quilts were amazing.

Duel for My Dahlias

Duel for my Dahlias won an Honorable Mention ribbon.

Afternoon Seducton (detail)

Detail from McKie's quilt, Afternoon Seduction.

The range of interpretations of all the quilts which celebrate the season is impressive. Make yourself a cuppa and enjoy the show ...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Quilt Show

Two years ago when the Capitol City Quilt Guild's show came around, I was brand new to the area and the guild and noticed that certain names kept appearing on my favorite quilts at the show. Last weekend, when I attended the show, I was still drawn to quilts by those familiar names--now associated with familiar faces and friends from the guild. You can see all my photos from the show in the flickr set CCQG Show 2007.

I think this show really showcased the best thing about this guild--the many, active small groups. There were many quilts created as the result of small group block exchanges and challenges. Here are some from the Charming Ladies. They dyed a rainbow of fabrics together then challenged one another to make quilts from their hand-dyed fabric.

Splash of Color Color Play Detail Star Struck
(click for larger images)

GASP (Grosbeck Appliqué Support Providers) made journal quilts in which a block was made for each day or week of the year during 2006.

Detail from One A Day Detail from 2006: The Year in a Quilt Detail from It Was A Very Good Year
(click for larger images and to go to the album to see the whole quilts)

Linda's quilt is named One-a-Day. The blocks contain capsule-shaped I-spy type fabrics that represent the events of the day. Everyone journaled their year on their quilts. I really loved these.

There was a bit of drama in the silent auction corner of the show . . . no, not because of the last minute bidding and re-bidding on Sunday afternoon--although there was plenty of that, too--but because some auction quilts that were sold at rock bottom "sell it now" prices in the first hour of the show on Saturday morning. The idea to sell off some auction quilts this way was one person's decision made after all the quilts had been made and donated with the understanding that they would be auctioned. The cowboy quilt, Home on the Range, that the Wacky Westerners made was long gone by the time I got to the show. It was especially frustrating because at least two of the Wackies came to the show with plenty of cash and expected to outbid all comers and bring home our quilt.

Wild Wacky Westerners Quilt
(click for larger image to see quilting detail)

Probably my reaction to the missing Cowboy quilt is why I bid and came home with this small wall quilt from the GASP small group. The stylized daffodil block in the center of the top row was my contribution. I think it will be a sunny, happy piece of art for my cubicle at work.

Auction Quilt

Thursday, April 05, 2007

More from Blue Ridge Quiltfest

We were a small group--made smaller because of some last minute cancellations--but that didn't stop us. We had workshops. We shopped. We won door prizes, lotto blocks and Lou won the featherweight.

Lou wins the Featherweight drawing

Becky Davis' handpiecers were focused and after class, they continued to work on their blocks all weekend.

Becky and some of the hand piecers

Janet's Carolina Byways class was fun. I think everyone had a different vision for their quilt. Krista made a mini; Ellena brought wonderful Civil War repros; Lou had wonderful fabrics, too ... I brought pieces from my scrap bin. Krista finished her mini quilt the next day. I brought home a pile of light half-blocks and dark strips ... but I have since made some progress. I'm auditioning border fabrics now. You can tell that the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains made an impression on me.

Krista and her miniature Carolina Byways quilt Carolina Byways in Progress

Friday night we had Show & Tell in the Living Room.

Dorothy's Antique Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

Click the photo of Dorothy and Becky (with the vintage quilt top that Dorothy is finishing) to see the rest of my Show & Tell photos.

On Saturday, a bunch of our crowd headed to the galleries and quilt shops in Asheville, while three us spent the day with Meg Manderson making miniature landscapes.

Meg Manderson

Meg is a local fiber artist who creates beautiful landscapes (and other interesting work.)

Meg Manderson Landscape

Saturday night, we gathered for more door prizes and the block lotto drawing. I still can't believe I won.

Janet drew the name ...

Afterward, Krista pulled out her big box of fabric and made a few baby quilts from some I-spy swap fabrics.

Ellena and Krista working on a charity quilt Finished Top - Charity quilt # 1

The first top went together quickly and after a bit of excitement with a shattered needle and some EMTs, a second top was completed.

paramedics Kitty I-spy for Charity

By the end of the evening, two quilts were "birthed," and ready to be quilted and a third top was almost completed.

Two Charity Quilts

On Sunday, some of us were on the road early, some spent a leisurely morning at the country club, packing up, checking email and saying goodbye.

I was a little worried when my suitcase seemed quite full when I'd only packed the fabric. Everything fit ... just barely.

Packing Packed

Janet and Dorothy and I headed into Asheville to check out a possible venue for next year and lunch before I headed to the airport and home. On the way to the airport, I picked up a new pair of travel scissor so I could work on my landscape.

Airplane Scissors

The longer my flight from Cincinnati was delayed, the happier I was to have handwork to do.

Blue Ridge Quiltfest

I came, I saw ... I won the lotto blocks ;-)

It was a great get away for me. Janet and Donna picked me up at the Asheville airport and after minimal shuffling--to put the wonderful fudge which all the participants received in a cool place and to pick up Dorothy along the way--we headed to the legendary Mary Jo's Cloth Store about two hours away in Gastonia. Krista and Colene had left Virginia earlier that day and with no planning at all, we all arrived at Mary Jo's within 5 minutes of one another. How's that for synchronicity?

Mary Jo's Cloth Store Oriental Fabrics at MJs

Everything you have heard is true--they seem to have every fabric in every line and it's all irresistably priced. I went looking for Asian prints to make Oriental Lantern blocks for Kate's swap and found an entire aisle of them.

Later that night we travelled back to Asheville for greek food and then on to the country club to check in and unpack.
Waynesville Country Club Villa Porch

Most of us stayed in the main building, but four forum members opted to share the villa. I never actually saw them rocking and stitching in those rocking chairs, but I like to imagine them there. For the weekend, quilters happily co-existed with quilters ... though on at least one day, some of us were awakened by the sounds of these two guys chatting beneath our balconies.

Krista and golf cart sign at entrance of Country Club Golfers

I thought it would be fun to pack up with golf cart with sewing machines, fabrics, quilting supplies and quilts, but ... we just ran out of time.

Golf Cart

Inside, the place had the feel of a comfy lodge. The living room was one of the public spaces--we held show & tell there Friday night and and after Becky's handpiecing class Friday morning, many of the students hung out and continued to work on their sampler blocks.

The "Living Room"

One floor up there was another space, which turned out to be a great place to sew together in the evenings. Dorothy brought a quilt stand, so we even had our own design wall.

Sewing Space

Yep, those blue & white stars are some of the lotto blocks that *I* won. It was so unexpected and will make a beautiful quilt filled with memories for me. The design wall also came in handy when Janet brought out the blocks forum members made to celebrate her first anniversary as the quilting guide on

Janet's Anniversary Blocks

Of course the best part of the weekend was putting faces and personalities with names from the forum.

Reading the Forum

Mark your calendar for next year:
Blue Ridge Quiltfest - March 7-8, 2008 in Asheville.
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