Monday, April 16, 2007

Through the Camera Lens

Does this happen to you? Sometimes I don't see something until I look at it through the camera lens. Like Joyce Murrin's quilt, Artisan Gate: Architectural View, from Tactile Architecture 2006.

Artisan Gate: Architectural View

I was so involved in looking at the detail, that I didn't see the door knob and hinges in the border that make it a door ... until I was framing the photo.

You can see the rest of my photos from this show, here: Tactile Architecture 2006.

Sometimes, I don't see something until I've uploaded the image to the web or printed it ... like the owlets in Out of the Northern Forest: The Great Horned Owl Family by Grace Errea from the Celebrate Spring! quilts I posted earlier.

Out of the Northern Forest: The Great Horned Owl Family

I completely missed those little guys until I was looking through my images on Flickr to make sure all the descriptions and artists' names were there.

It works the same when I take photos of my own work-in-progress--which is why I'll be disassembling my little Carolina Byways quilt and fixing something I never noticed before I started auditioning borders and taking photos before I add those borders ... sigh ...

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Teresa said...

Don't you think that it is a bit of a mistake to have a part of a quilt so compelling that you miss other parts of the quilt? Unless you want it that way. I don't think the quilter wanted those babies to be ignored, but the striking parents just take away from the babies. The center of that door is so bright, so crazy, you don't see the rest of the door. I am not saying the quilts are bad, just food for thought.

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