Sunday, April 08, 2007

Quilt Show

Two years ago when the Capitol City Quilt Guild's show came around, I was brand new to the area and the guild and noticed that certain names kept appearing on my favorite quilts at the show. Last weekend, when I attended the show, I was still drawn to quilts by those familiar names--now associated with familiar faces and friends from the guild. You can see all my photos from the show in the flickr set CCQG Show 2007.

I think this show really showcased the best thing about this guild--the many, active small groups. There were many quilts created as the result of small group block exchanges and challenges. Here are some from the Charming Ladies. They dyed a rainbow of fabrics together then challenged one another to make quilts from their hand-dyed fabric.

Splash of Color Color Play Detail Star Struck
(click for larger images)

GASP (Grosbeck Appliqué Support Providers) made journal quilts in which a block was made for each day or week of the year during 2006.

Detail from One A Day Detail from 2006: The Year in a Quilt Detail from It Was A Very Good Year
(click for larger images and to go to the album to see the whole quilts)

Linda's quilt is named One-a-Day. The blocks contain capsule-shaped I-spy type fabrics that represent the events of the day. Everyone journaled their year on their quilts. I really loved these.

There was a bit of drama in the silent auction corner of the show . . . no, not because of the last minute bidding and re-bidding on Sunday afternoon--although there was plenty of that, too--but because some auction quilts that were sold at rock bottom "sell it now" prices in the first hour of the show on Saturday morning. The idea to sell off some auction quilts this way was one person's decision made after all the quilts had been made and donated with the understanding that they would be auctioned. The cowboy quilt, Home on the Range, that the Wacky Westerners made was long gone by the time I got to the show. It was especially frustrating because at least two of the Wackies came to the show with plenty of cash and expected to outbid all comers and bring home our quilt.

Wild Wacky Westerners Quilt
(click for larger image to see quilting detail)

Probably my reaction to the missing Cowboy quilt is why I bid and came home with this small wall quilt from the GASP small group. The stylized daffodil block in the center of the top row was my contribution. I think it will be a sunny, happy piece of art for my cubicle at work.

Auction Quilt


Samantha said...

What a shame they sold the Western quilt before you could try to recliam it!

Granny Fran said...

Blogger ate my comment. I'll try again. That cowboy quilt is marvelous! Why is it that someone in each group comes up with these brilliant idea?! It's great that you are going to decorate your work cubicle with a quilt.

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