Tea Towel Challenge 2014

Everyone is invited to grab an inspiring tea towel and join me in making a tea towel challenge quilt.  I'll be blogging about my process and inviting everyone to share theirs, too.  On this page, you'll find guidelines and tools and all the Linky Party check-ins.

Suggested Guidelines

  1. Your quilt must include a tea towel–it can be new or vintage.
  2. The colors in the tea towel determine the color palette for your quilt. 
  3. Try something new. Since this one is defined by you, it can be anything and is an opportunity to add your own personal guidelines to the challenge.
Tea Towel Challenge 2014 Badge Image

A Badge for Your Blog

Here's the HTML code for a badge with a link back to this page:

Don't Have a Blog? 

See this post about the group blog I've created for my blog-less friends.


I am going to use the tag #TTC14 on Instagram and Flickr for photos from my Tea Towel Challenge and here for blog posts about my progress. 

Timeline & Check-ins

I plan to complete my challenge in the first quarter of 2014–with these Linky Party check-ins:

End of 2013 - Decide to participate and commit
January - Tea towel and fabric selection
February-through-March In-progress report
March - May  Finished project show & tell

Each of the Linky Lists will also be added here, most recent on top, as they are published to put all the discussion in one place.

Show and Tell Your Finished Tea Towel Challenge Quilt

February-March Check-in: Progress Report

Add your February progress report post here.  This list is the same that appears on my blog post, Tea Towel on my Design Wall.

January Check-in: Tea Towel and Fabric Choices

Add your January check-in post here. The suggested topic is your tea towel choice and fabrics you'll be using with it. This list is the same that appears on my blog post,
Tea Towel Challenge update.

Are you IN?

Blog your intention, link back to this page and add the link to your blog post here (you can also link to a photo if you're not the blogging sort–this Linky List is the same as in my blogpost: The 2014 Tea Towel Challenge and How I became a Collector


roccagal said...

I think the most difficult step in this challenge is choosing the tea towel!
I am working on it!

Miki Willa said...

I have the tea towel selected so now all I have to do is pull the fabrics. This will be fun. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Sue McPeak said...

TeaTowel Challenge Button is on my sidebar. Got my Tea Towel...now to pick some fabrics from my stash. This will be fun...thanks for hosting.

Sue CollectInTexas BlogShop

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I sound illerate, don't I? My A key on the computer sticks. I am not sure why the V disappered, can I claim illness?

roccagal said...

omg i went to the thrift shore last nite and found more tea towels-2 are really in the running!

Marg R said...

Hi, I have now three tea towels to choose from, but I don't have a Blog. Can I still join in. If so how? Thanks Margaret

Julierose said...

I just found a really really nice old tea towel on Etsy--I know I said I couldn't do your tea towel challenge, but...well I am in...hugs, Julierose

sophie said...

Marg, I responded by email to you then noticed you are a "no reply" blogger :-(
Those who want to participate but don't have a blog can link to photos on Flickr or other photo-sharing sites.

Mystic Quilter said...

Looking forward to this - what a great idea Sophie -even though this will make my New Year busier than ever!

Carli The Quilter said...

Great Idea, I'm in!

LappeVivi said...

I have registrated twice. Sorry!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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AlidaP said...

I know this challenge ended quite a long time ago, but I finished my project just now and I wanted to share! I really enjoyed the challenge and (in my defense) it took so long because I merged it with a 2014 BOM ;)
Thanks for the inspiration!
You can see the finished project at this link! http://tweloquilting.blogspot.com/2015/04/finishes-new-projects-and-link-party.html

Anna Schafer said...

Thanks for your understanding and participation!healthy tea melbourne

razmag said...

omg i went to the thrift shore last nite and found more tea towels-2 are really in the running!

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