Friday, July 06, 2007

My name is Sophie and I'm a Swapaholic

The Quilting Pirate's Friday Five for today made me smile--dare I respond and reveal how much of a swap junkie I am?

Swapping has introduced me to interesting fabrics, color combinations and quilt designs . . . and I have made many many good friends along the way. While there are always risks, I highly recommend.

1. Have you ever participated in a quilt block swap - online or with a guild? Yes and yes. Over and over again.

2. Would you be interested in doing one? Almost always.

3. What reservations would you have to not participating in a swap? None.

4. Ever hosted a swap before? Many, many times. I currently host a monthly beginner block lotto--not a swap exactly, but there are similarities--on the quilting forum on I am also hosting a series of fiber postcard swaps there. The next deadline/holiday/theme will be International Day of the World's Indigenous People on August 8.

5. Where do you find online swaps? The forum on the Quilting site on always has a lot of interesting swaps going on and some great swap hostesses. There are very few swaps gone wrong because it is such an established community. I'm also participating in Doll Quilt Swap 2 in blogland, which I found through a note on another participant's blog (thanks, Amy).

So now you know ;-)

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Quilting Pirate said...

I never have done a swap at, need to check it out!

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