Sunday, November 18, 2007

Two Trees and the Painted Surface

First, Tree of Life, by Judy Coates Perez, which was part of the Pressing Matters II exhibit at the Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition.

Tree of Life

Next, Arbol De Vida, by the same artist, from the Art-Painted Surface category of Quilts: A World of Beauty at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. The artist statement said it was the second in the series of Tree of Life quilts. How interesting for me to see them both within a week of one another.

Arbol De Vida

This morning on the forum on someone asked if I thought if these painted quilts were, in a way, cheating. I suppose someone will always ask that question. Personally, I enjoyed seeing these quilts as a category within the art quilts in Houston and appreciated the direction some of the artists have taken with this medium.

Here are some of the detail photos I took of the Art- Painted Surface quilts. Be sure to click-click-click for larger images, titles and information about the artists and check out the photos tagged Painted Surface on flickr for all my photos of this category.

Detail from The Gift Detail from Look, Look, I See It Detail from On the Road Again Detail from I Remain Detail from Sumac Detail from Arbol De Vida


Debra Dixon said...

I'm a little on the fence too about the painted quilts. I think IQF is making a real effort to be a frontrunner in all things quilty; having a specific category is a good idea.

Unknown said...

Why should a painted quilt be judged less than any other whole cloth quilt? If the quilting itself is good the painting can be icing on the cake.

I am amazed that anyone could think a painted quilt is cheating. On what grounds? It certainly does not require less skill than piecing and applique. I would like to see a person of this mind set sit down with paint brush in hand and try it. Then tell me if they still think its cheating. ^_^

Thanks Sophie, for being open minded about painted quilts, and posting pics on your blog.

sophie said...

I think quilting as a medium is expanding, both because of advances in technology (stitch regulators, computerized embroidery capability, digital imagery) and because of innovative artist who are using techniques new to quilting.

I very much enjoyed your quilts in the Pressing Matters exhibit at the Mancuso show.

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