Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hoffman Challenge Quilts

Two weeks ago, I was enjoying Hoffman Challenge quilts at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. One week ago, I was enjoying a different set of Hoffman Challenge quilts at the Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition. Today, I'll share some of the Chicago quilts.

I found the quilt below, Genesis, by Sandra Archbold, Granville, New York, very interesting (and very three dimensional). I had thought that because these quilts travel so much, that 3-D quilts were discouraged.


You can see some of the 3-D elements in this detail photo.

Detail from Genesis

Here are some other favorites from the bunch. Click for larger images and information about the quiltmakers who made these interesting quilts.

Tulips in the Vine Field & Streams of Dreams Come Play With Me

Spring Lakehouse Vibrations

For lots more photos from the Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition, check out Debbi's photos on Webshots. She obviously didn't forget her spare battery, spent more time at the event and, perhaps, takes even more photos at quilt shows than I do. You can read about her adventures at the show on her blog, DubiQuilts.

And for more Hoffman Challenge quilt photos, check out my IQF Houston photos tagged Hoffman Challenge.

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