Sunday, April 27, 2008

Susana Allen Hunter, Quilting Genius

Today, I went to the Henry Ford Museum.

The Henry Ford Museum

It was the last day of their exhibit, Quilting Genius 2, The Improvisational Quilts of Susana Allen Hunter. Here's one of my favorites from the exhibit.

Mosaic Medallion Quilt

And some more of Susan's quilts (click for larger images)

Mosaic Medallion Pig Pen Variation Strip Quilt
Strip Quilt Strip Quilt
Pig Pen Strip Quilt

The exhibit also included items and photos from Susana's life. I especially liked the two hats that were included--her work hat and one she wore to church.

Susana's Work Hat Susana's Sunday Hat

You can see more photos of quilts, detail of quilts and other items in the exhibit in my Flickr set Quilting Genius 2.


buttonsagain said...

wow...i looked at the photos in your flickr set from quilting genius 2....i felt like i was at the museum viewing them for myself......(i saw the gees bend quilts when they were in atlanta....actually i went four times.....they just took my breath away....and brought me to tears)....the simplicity and beauty of these quilts is extraordinary......thanks for sharing your amazing pictures....

buttonsagain said...


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