Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Carrots, Potatoes and Other Found Objects

Did you guess what the potatoes and carrots were for?

Batik Class Samples

They were used as stamps in a Batik workshop with Malka Dubrawsky . . . along with bell peppers, potato mashers, cardboard tubes and rectangle "stamps" and a few traditional wooden and copper stamps for batik. These are the fabrics I patterned in the workshop.

It was a great break during the unpacking and I know I want to do more of this.  It was so much fun.


Rainbows in Wool said...

Those are great, I can't wait to see what they turn up in.

Wilma NC said...

Those are very cool!!!!

Goblinf said...

oh yes batik is sooo cool. It's really good to do with indigo as well, but only if you have outside space that the rain will wash away the marks (like a lawn).

Can the cats go outside in your new place, or is it just that they have more too look at?

I might (I'm hoping and trying not to count my eggs & baskets, nevermind chickens) have to relocate if I get a job I've applied for, and the cat and I would be a long way away from each other for a while. The thought is filling me with horror! Pathetic huh.

Nice to see that yours settled back with you so fast.

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