Thursday, August 01, 2013

Design Walls and the End of the Month-Beginning of the Month Rush

Just about the only time the Block Lotto feels like work is during the few days at the end of the month-beginning of the month, when lots of time-critical things need to happen:

  • Preparing the list for the drawing and getting the list and directions to whomever is choosing the winners ... or choosing the winners myself when no one volunteers
  • Cropping and resizing all the block photos from the sneak peekers so they can be used in the virtual quilt
  • Following up with the winners
  • Preparing the mailing information and sending it out to everyone so that the winners can start receiving their blocks
  • Posting the information for the new block
  • Creating the block pattern directions (unless we are using a tried-and-true pattern on the web)
  • Archiving the list of blocks made ... then updating the at-a-glance reference page with the new info
All but one of the things on the list are completed.  Yay!  Then I can sit back and enjoy seeing everyone choices in the blocks they make this month.  I love the way this month's virtual quilt came out–we're making a 6 by 9 inch rectangular variation of Bonnie Hunter's Maverick Star block.

You can find full-size versions of these virtual block photos in my Flickr photo set Tall Liberated Stars.
Things are also getting interesting on my real design wall.  The number of giant-sized flying geese made from small scraps has grown to 36.  It's almost time to play--arranging and re-arranging them and putting them all together.

36 Large Geese on the Design Wall

The bonus is that I have been systematically cleaning all the usually-too-small scraps from my scrap bins. Win-win!  And I have some colorful distractions whilst wrapping up the monthly rush for the Block Lotto :-) 


P. said...

What fun to use "made" fabric for the big geese! Those stars are all so amazing. Block Lotto sounds like a lot of work, but really worth all the effort.

rag55 said...

Wow!!!! Those scrappy flying geese are really cool!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!!!!!

ANudge said...

And we appreciate all you do for us at Block Lotto, Sophie. Those flying geese are awesome!

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