Tuesday, October 01, 2013

October's Theme: Leaves

Whether it's the season or a bit of synchronicity, October is here and, for me, it's all about LEAVES.

A Journal Quilt, RepurposedAlmost four years ago, I sent this little journal quilt to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Iniative. It was chosen to be part of their traveling exhibition, Alzheimer's Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope, and is now part of their October auction.  Here's the link to my quilt's page on the AAQI site and you can bid on it here.

The design was inspired by a real tree with a real last leaf that hung on through winter behind the little house where I lived in Lansing, Michigan.  The completed quilt moved with me to Dallas, Texas, where I was living when I sent it to AAQI (back in Michigan).

You can see all the quilts in the October auction here. These are half of the little quilts from the traveling exhibit; the rest (along with some celebrity quilts) will be part of the last AAQI auction next month.

MIni Maple Leaf QuiltBecause of some other projects going on this month, I set another modest goal for October's Lovely Finish: to finally quilt and finish and hang ("done done") this small quilt.

The maple leaf blocks measure 3 inches and were received as part of an exchange years ago.

Of course, the fact that I haven't managed to finish it for YEARS may indicate that, for some reason, it really isn't such modest of a goal for me ... I think I have been afraid of not being able to do it justice until now.

The last of October's Leaves are these Oak Leaf blocks, made for this month's Block Lotto.  This is the virtual quilt that I put together from photos of early blocks.


If you like the Oak Leaf block, you can find my  free block pattern the Block Patterns page.  Click over the Block Lotto, if you like it enough to join in this month's lotto.

Scrap-Buster Version
When I was working on the block pattern for the Oak Leaf, I saw that it could be constructed from half-square triangle units ... and thought it might be a good choice for scrap-busting.

The directions for making this version of the leaf is included in the Oak Leaf Block pattern as a bonus.

I can definitely see a rainbow of scrappy oak leaves in my future. rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014?


Helby said...

Love the maple leaves!

Julia Graber said...

I hope you reach your "done, done" goal. The AAQI quilt is lovely and quite sad at the same time! I donated one I called "Confused -- Out on a Limb" It will be in Houston for sale.

Anonymous said...

I know you will get that quilted! I love the Alz. quiltlet you donated.

LynCC said...

What a pretty top to quilt for this month. Perfect. :D Love your oak leaf pattern. Thanks for sharing it!

A Nudge said...

I liked all the leaf blocks and quilts you showed,especially the AAQI one - it is so special and meaningful.

Kate North said...

Great leaves! Hope to have time to make blocks this month - it looks a bit more realistic than September. Though only a bit...

Wilma NC said...

Love your little leaf!!! Fall is all about the foliage!!

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