Saturday, February 28, 2015

February's Lovely Finish - A Kitten's Work is Never Done

When my computer was first down and then in the shop and the prognosis was unsure, I linked a photo from Flickr to the Lovely Finishes February party but wasn't able to blog about it. When I was working on the quilt, I imagined a photo on this weathered coyote fence in my neighborhood. The reality, a photo taken on a snowy gray day, didn't quite match my vision.

A Kitten's Work is Never Done

Here's a better look at the quilt itself in a photo taken inside ... it goes without saying (I hope) that the quilt really isn't as wonky and wavy as it appears here.

February 2015 Lovely Finish

The quilt is approximately 54-inches square.

The Kitty Homemaker redwork patterns are from Nancy Martin's book, Kitties to Stitch & Quilt: 15 Redwork Designs, that was gifted to me just after I moved to Michigan to be close to my dad when he was ill in 2001. The gift was much appreciated as it gave me something to do while I sat with him in the hospital, during transfusions.

Here are detail photos of each of the two types of blocks in this quilt:

February 2015 Lovely Finish February 2015 Lovely Finish

Doing things in a new way (while my computer was in the shop) was interesting.  Using a combination of digital camera and iPad looked like it was going to work and, in fact, the WordPress app  DID work and I was able to share this quilt (with January's Lotto Block pattern used for the double 9-patch blocks) on but ... BlogPress or otherwise posting here?  Not so much.


I have mentioned in the in-progress posts about this quilt that it was a nice bit of serendipity that when I pulled out the fabrics put aside for this golden oldie UFO, that the happened to be Pantone's color of the year, marsala.   It was good food-for-thought to think about how color trends repeat, change and morph. 

I'm updating this blogpost to join the 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge. 


QuiltSwissy said...

I really like that fence. And the quilt ain't half bad either!!!

Nice kitties!

desertskyquilts said...

It's absolutely gorgeous. I just love the way you pieced it. I haven't been getting your blog post e-mails, so I'm going to try subscribing at a different address.

Julierose said...

This is so cute--love those rich reds very nice hugs, Julierose

Terri said...

Kitties are so sweet. Love the reds. Thanks for sharing.

joe tulips said...

I don't know what your vision was but I love the quilt on he fence.

AnnMarie said...

What a lovely story behind the redwork and a great quilt!

Anne said...

The kitties are so cute, and what a sweet story about their making. I love the cream you paired with the marsala tones, it's quite beautiful!

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