Friday, June 02, 2006

Crazy Aunt Purl Explains It All

Lately I've been thinking about how how best to share my life's journey over the past month ... when I have been woefully absent from the page and disconnected from friends. After reading Crazy Aunt Purl's astrological forcast for June, I think it might be easier to blame it on the stars.

About scorpios, she says, in part:
I heard it through the Pissed-Off-At-Astrology Grapevine that Scorpios were really unhappy with the way most of last month went.
That would be an understatment. But it does feel as I've come through it and my life now has some of the qualities of a fresh start--or as Aunt Purl notes:
The best thing about you and June is your real willingness to try new things to revitalize your life. It's rare that ya'll don't dissect through the consequences or results of all your actions, and this month you will feel liberated and (mostly) care-free, willing to travel to a new place, meet new people, all of it with a who-knows-what-could-happen attitude.
If you're a knitter--or even if you're not--check out Crazy Aunt Purl ... she's a very entertaining writer and wise astrologer ;-)


Rian said...

Happy to hear you are on the dawn side of the darkness. You must feel relieved and reborn. A new day is ahead.

allie aller said...

Whatever happened...I am glad you are through it.
You must have made a big payment on the old karmic debt, and that is a great feeling! Now enjoy the summer....

Colene said...

Thanks for the link to Aunt Purl she is truly hilarious. Laughed so hard, and really needed it as I'm a cancer. :)

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