Thursday, November 30, 2006

Due to Technical Difficulties ...

My laptop didn't want to talk to my wireless modem yesterday so I couldn't post on WIP Wednesday.

I smiled last week at Rian's comment of the old-fashioned look of my sampler in progress because it is exactly what I'm going for with this one. I consciously chose toned down medium values for the blocks--since these are not the fabrics that normally attract me, I thought it was a good way to stash bust, too.

Putting the blocks on the wall last week, inspired me to make more and to edit out a couple that weren't working ...

yellow sampler blocks

orange sampler blocks

red sampler blocks

purple sampler blocks

blue sampler blockw

Anyone who has been making lotto blocks may recognize most of these and wonder what happened to Hope of Hartford and That 30's Thing. The latter, a paper pieced block, just didn't seem to have that old-fashioned feeling (despite it's name). My attempt at Hope of Hartford was too contrasty and ended up being added to the reject pile, along with my first Broken Arrows block--rejected because the blue-violet color felt wrong.

reject sampler blocks

It feels like progress even though I still need a bunch more of the alternate blocks.


Jane Ann said...

Sophie, your work is always so precise and lovely. I'm intrigued with your choice of medium values to achieve the old-fashioned look. And very interested to see what develops. How large are these blocks?

sophie said...

The blocks are 10 inches. Almost all were made from Marcia Hohn's patterns on the Quilters Cache site. When they were used for the monthly block lotto on the Quilting Forum on, they were made in wide variety of color combinaitons; some of them look quite different in these subdued colors.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, I like the subtlety of these blocks. Colorful, but still soft. Like washed demin.

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