Sunday, August 05, 2007

Making Lemonade and Birthday Blocks

Towed AwayThe saying goes, When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

This would be the lemon in my life at the moment . . . a vehicle that has an intermittent won't start problem–always at an inconvenient place and time.

The mechnic didn't finish on Friday and so I am spending the weekend, carless, at home.

And here's the lemonade--two of three blocks made for Kate's Birthday Blocks Swap.

Dresdan Star for Robin Snowflake Block for Deb - Corrected

The Dresdan Star block on the left is for Robin who asked for a 10 inch block in Traditional Christmas Colors. The 9 inch Snowflake block in purples on white on the right is for Deb.

I also made a block for Amy . . . who said she wanted to be surprised. (Check out the cool blocks she's already received from Kathi and Kate on her blog).

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Christine Thresh said...

My car has a no-start problem once in a while. It only happens if I drive a short distance (say to the local hair cut place) and come back to start the car in less than a half hour. It won't start. Totally dead, no sound, no click. But if I push the car a few inches it will start. It only happens on really short trips. If I drive for 15 minutes, stop, do an errand and get back in it starts. I think it is something called "neutral switch." I had the starter replaced and it did not fix the problem. I think I'd better call Click and Clack on NPR.

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