Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Weather Outside is Frightful . . .

. . . and another Winter storm is on the way, so let's look at beautiful flower quilts from the exhibit In Full Bloom IV, Floral Quilts in Memory of Helen Pearce O'Bryant, from the International Quilt Festival in Houston . . . and dream of Summer.

Window Dressing

This is Window Dressing, made by Deborah Schwartzman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Each of the blooms in the windowbox are pieced, log cabin fashion–I loved the effect of shading the blooms this way.

Here is the front and back of Fresh as a Daisy, made by Melina Bula, El Dorado Hills, Californa.

Fresh as a Daisy Fresh as a Daisy (Back)

I overheard someone compare this whimsical quilt, Blacked Eyed Susans With Fruit, by Pam Allen of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, to the work of Henri Matisse. I thought it was an apt comparison.

Black Eyed Susans with Fruit

These were three of my favorites from the exhibit. Click over to my photos from In Full Bloom IV on Flickr to see detail photos of these quilts and the rest of quilts and find your own.

Is it too soon to add, "Think Spring?"

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