Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tool Time

Don't we love it when we find a new favorite tool, whether it's for quilting, cooking, gardening or something else? Here are a few of my favorite kitchen tools lately.

This olive oil sprayer is the best. Last week I made Robin's Best Ever Hummus and had another reason to appreciate my Misto as I sprayed the pita bread and sprinkled it with chopped fresh rosemary and sea salt before it went into the oven to become warm pita chips. If you decide to try the recipe, I suggest that you make your own chick peas (garbanzo beans)-start with 1/c cup dry chick peas.

I never really got the hang of my zester, but with my microplane fine grater, I may never have to. With the arrival of warm weather, my obsession with soup making has shifted to salads and salad dressings and salsas and lots of lemons and limes and oranges are coming into my kitchen and their juices and zests are going into my meals.

This is the latest addition in my kitchen. Usually I go for the non-electrified, non-automated version of a tool, so this one is a little surprising, but I have no buyers remorse. It quickly won me over and I don't have to worry about using a knife when I've very tired.

Today I produced a mountain the skinniest radish matchsticks that I'd never have knife skills to produce for this yummy Asparagus and Edamame salad.

(Not my photo, but mine looked just as good, honest ;-)


Rian said...

That salad looks divine. I love edamame. Reminds me--I've got some in the freezer...

Candace said...

I've been wanting one of those olive oil misters, glad to hear a revue. I love my microplane, use it all the time, mostly for hard cheese. Great looking salad.

The Calico Cat said...

That salad looks great - I too love edamame (I too have some in the freezer...)

So that is an electric mandolin? I love my mandolin - especially when the cukes are in abundance - I make refridgerator pickles.

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