Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Drive

Surrounded by Bluebonnets
Standing on a hillside, completely surrounded by bluebonnets, I felt a little like Dorothy, approaching the Emerald City, in the field of poppies, with flowers as far as the eye could see, intoxicated by the aroma.

It was incredible. And all that fresh air, blue skies and beautiful nature really inspired some design ideas today.

Obviously, I opted for getting out of the city for some nature over going to the art fair today and went in search of bluebonnets and . . . found them: alongside the highway, in meadows and pastures, in front yards, on hill sides. They were spectacular.

Here are a few photos from the afternoon. Click for larger images of any of these. The gate on the left says Bluebonnet Hill. The "Hill" itself is on the right.

Bluebonnet Hill Gate Beyond the gate at Bluebonnet Hill

Hillside Close-up of wildflowers

This pair of artists really made me wish I had the confidence to set up an easel and spend the day painting as the parade of camera-toting tourists like me passed by.

Roadside Painters

Even these guys, grazing among the bluebonnets attracted quite a few admirers along the side of the road.

Hanging out with the tourists along the side of the road More grazing among the bluebonnets

Bluebonnet trail signI wonder if there's a term akin to leaf peeper for everyone who, like me, followed the signs and enjoyed the countryside today.

The trail, while well marked, at some point led me in a big circle . . . I confess, at that point, I pulled out my iPhone and asked it to navigate me home–I really need to remember to put MAPS in my car. As it turned out I was only about 10 miles back to the highway and familiar ground. Yay!

My Sunday afternoon drive in the country took me back to my childhood; I know my dad would have loved this day. When I came home, cooking a big pot of beans and rice, like he would have done, just felt so right, too . . . and it smells like it might be ready soon. Bon appetit and happy Sunday.


Suze said...

Ummm...sounds like you had a great day! It would be heavenly to be surrounded by bluebonnets! I wish we could have gone on a nice drive to look at flowers..instead we had to mow and trim and weed and do other least we were outdoors for part of the day -though it was devilishly hot today ...99.5 on my outdoor thermometer and its supposed to be hotter tomorrow..what happened to spring??!

Paula said...

Texas and bluebonnets. Driving from Houston to Tyler a couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I enjoyed seeing families pulled off of highways taking pics of children in the bluebonnets. Every Texas child has one!!! Thanks for sharing the pics. Our favorite places for bluebonnets?? Washington on the Brazos and 290 to Brehnam.

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