Friday, July 24, 2009

Cattle Drive on my Walk to Work

Yes, I did say cattle drive.

Cattle Drive in Pioneer Plaza

Cattle Drive in Pioneer Plaza

And like many interesting things, it's beautiful when you drive by, but when you walk past, you have the opportunity to notice more, like just HOW MANY of those big, life-size bronze longhorns there are.

Cattle Drive in Pioneer PlazaI didn't have a lot of time–did I mention I was on my way to work, an idea which truly makes me happy–and I realized after doing a search about this Monument to the West at Pioneer Plaza, created by Robert Summers of Glen Rose, Texas, that I may not have even seen it all, because I only saw two of the three cowboys. Here's one of them.

Detail of Cowboy

And a closeup of one of his longhorn steers:

Detail of Longhorn

After a few quick photos, I left the plaza, just as the first few of them were emerging onto the sidewalk ;-)

Cattle Drive in Pioneer Plaza


Barbara C said...

Congratulations on the job. That's very good news. It's nice that you can walk and enjoy sculpture on your way to work.

lj_cox said...

If you get a chance to go to historic Fort Worth, there's a several-times-a-day 'cattle drive' that's neat to see. Not quite as cool as the sculpture, though. :)

Also a great steakhouse (Cattlemen's Steakhouse) nearby if you are a red meat fan.

prairiekat said...

Hi Sophie, I scanned to the bottom of your blog before I started reading--oh my gosh, did the Texas heat get to that gal--those aren't real, then I realized they were part of the culture of Dallas. Try seeing one in real life, impressive also. Even when they are in a good mood.

Missed your blog about your job, but whatever it's a start nearly 8 months of pounding pavement-sorry it took so long. Kathy in Colo

Rian said...

Very cool.

Deb Geyer said...

Like Rian said, Very cool! I'd love to see it some day.

sophie said...

It turns out that Pioneer Plaza is the second most visited landmark in Dallas. Who knew?

I've been trying different paths on my walk to/from work; walking by this incredible installation is, so far, the most pleasant ;-)

Anonymous said...

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