Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quilt Plano 2009

Yesterday I drove to Plano for Quilt Plano 2009. The odd thing was, I knew exactly where I was going because I had attended several Job Fairs at the same location . . . the place had a completely different energy when it was filled with quilters and vendors: so much lighter and happier.

This miniature, Caught in a Crazy Spider Web, by Ann Maxwell of Carrollton, Texas, was one of my favorites from the show.

Caught in a Crazy Spider Web

The piece is tiny. This photo, which includes the blue ribbon it received for first place and the label give you some idea of scale. I also took a detail photo of just the "quilt" itself.

Detail from My First Texas QuiltHere's a detail photo from "My First Texas Quilt," by Sheri Smith of Plano, Texas. It got me thinking that I'd really better get started on my first Begun in Texas quilt, huh? Sheri moved to Texas in 2007 and started her quilt "immediately." Nearly 8 months later, I'm definitely falling behind here . . .

You can see all of the quilt in this photo. I love the barbed wire outline of Texas in every block.

I am a believer in the magic that happens in group quilts and there were a lot of group quilts to love in this show. I liked this one a lot, titled, Happiness is . . . A Primitive Garden, which won second place in the Group Quilts category.

Happiness is . . . A Primative Garden

It was made by a quilt shop staff and customers and had lots of wonder appliqué, including some three dimensional elements and scrappy pieced sashing.

These photos and the rest that I took at the show yesterday of these quilts and others that caught my eye appear in the slide show below.

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Mama Spark said...

I love these quilts. That group one is fantastic! Thanks for sharing those beautiful quilts!

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