Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Raining, It's SNOWING . . .

. . . It's a winter storm warning in Dallas.

There's an impressive storm headed this way with snow predicted to start falling in another hour or so in Dallas and, while I expect the snow will immediately melt, it's still going to look a little like Christmas around here for a while.

Like a little kid home from school on a snow day, I can't stop smiling about it and waiting to look out the windows and see some white fluffy snowflakes fall.

In spite of how much of my tumbleweed life has been spent in locations where there is no snow, somehow Christmas and Snow are firmly linked in my memory and my idea of the perfect Christmas.

Main Street ParkThis tree, in the new Main Street Park downtown, just doesn't say Christmas to me, how about you?

And even these three evergreens seem oddly out of place, surrounded as they are by such blue skies, skyscrapers and trees that still have all their green leaves.

I've been walking past all of these Christmas trees since before Thanksgiving and they still all look wrong to me . . . although the one one top of the Neiman Marcus Fashion Cafe never fails to make me smile.

Pegasus Plaza Akard Street NM Fashion Cafe

Despite the dropping temperature and wind gusts up to 44 MPH, when it starts snowing, you know I'm going to be out in it . . . quickly, before it melts ;-)


Paula said...

And my son and daughter in law just drove into The Woodlands from Dallas yesterday! They are going to miss their first white Christmas at home this year!! Be careful out there!

sophie said...

I'm glad your kids left yesterday, the roads really are a mess now.

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