Monday, May 03, 2010

The changing of the guard (and the design wall)

Lately, quilting has taken a back seat to life . . . but the block lotto marches on and means I will always be doing something quilty, at least a few times a month ;-) 

Today, I took the wonky shoo fly blocks I made for April off the wall and mailed them to the winners.

Akard Street Closed for FilmingI walked the long way to the post office and took the straightest path home.  I wasn't sure I was going to be able follow that path, when I came up a closed road and a bunch of people setting up for a film shoot.

They were letting pedestrians through–some, including me, couldn't resist taking a break to watch the crew in action from the sidewalk across the street.

That's a very tall ladder those guys are scrambling on, installing a camera at the top . . . and it's a very windy day.

Setting up a camera on a very windy day

I chatted with one woman who had the scoop.  They're filming for a new show on Fox called The Good Guys, which will star  Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks.

What remains on my design wall are my lotto blocks for May. They're kind of abstract and very organic feeling–I'm calling them reeds.

Over the weekend, I blogged the directions for making the block and the guidelines for May Block Lotto–including a virtual quilt made from photos of the blocks made by the sneak peekers.

Sophie's 9 Reeds Blocks

One of the lotto block makers noticed that this block looks like asparagus. I really like the abstract, organic feeling . . . and am thinking I need to make more, for a bigger tote for the farmer's market.

Check out what everyone else has on their Design Walls at Judy Laquidera's blog  Patchwork Times.


Diane said...

I really like your reeds blocks-they would be a fabulous tote! very cool!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I love love love these blocks.

Cherie in St Louis said...

I love the asparagus blocks. They somehow feel fresh and happy.

Pat from Florida said...


How fun to happen upon the film shoot! Thanks for sharing with photos.

Barbara C said...

I'm loving your new blocks. They're very modern looking, and the colors are perfect.

Sheri said...

Interesting block.I really like it.
They've been filming a movie in Monroe too.

Rian said...

Pretty blocks--but I think they look more like green beans.

Laurie said...

i vote for the green beans...either way they will make a great tote.
About my triangles....I'm afraid I'll have a few left over and I'll HAVE to make something with them....I started a miniature with the leftover 1" triangles already.

jenclair said...

I love the green with the black & white and the shapes just flow!

Asparagus, grass, or grean beans--they have such a graphic effect!

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