Thursday, June 10, 2010

Embrace Life

A beautiful video reminder to embrace life and wear your seat belt from the UK . . . too bad the video was too wide to display within this blog template :-(

Embrace Life

It's worth a click to check it out.


QuiltingFitzy said...

It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

I made sure I didn't touch your blog until I had time to look at the link, lol. You're on my reader, and I have such a hard time finding the posts again after I've read them!

sophie said...

I do the same thing ... or I mark some blog posts as unread in my reader--I use the Google reader--so they won't disappear.

Goblinf said...

very striking video. and made for a county authority(UK is split into counties outside major cities) not by central government. mind you it is Sussex, which has trendy Brighton (much beloved of the Prince Regent in the 1800s) and a LOT of creative people in it.

thanks for the help on the sashing/ trimming Sophie - I think I'll try a couple trimming AFTER sashing & cornerstones to see what difference it makes.

Goblinf said...

No the vixen's still around - but she ran away as soon as I opened the back door - the cubs hung around as you can see. So much for saying they're scared now!

My poor garden looks like a herd of adolescent soccer fans with poor ball skills lives in it! There's not much still standing - those cubs play very very rough!

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