Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Yellow Rose of Texas ... and her Wonky Friends

Sophie's Rose Block #2Even though my fabric is still in boxes, while I ponder the best way to organize and store it in the new apartment, I did manage to catch up with some lotto blocks this weekend. After making four 11th hour fireworks blocks (AKA asterisks) Friday night and then making four more just before the deadline on Saturday, I started making these free-pieced roses for August.

I put together the basics on making this block here: Let's Grow Roses and the guidelines for the blocks we are making on the block lotto blog, here: Roses in Bloom for the August Block Lotto.

The guidelines and suggestions are meant to leave a lot of leeway for personal expression in these liberated blocks while having enough structure that all the blocks we make will play nicely with one another.  It's always hard to know where to draw that line.

Here are the other three rose blocks I've made so far.

Sophie's Rose Block #3 Sophie's Rose Block #4 Sophie's Rose Block #1

The funny thing–funny to easily amused me anyway–was how, as I made the blocks, I found myself creating rules for myself that went far beyond my own suggestions and guidelines for everyone.  In the interest of sharing my process and the way I wrapped my head around this block, here are my rules.
  • Begin with a five-sided center, cut so none of the corners are square
  • Choose fabrics that are light, medium and dark values of the same color; include one or two that are multicolor prints, but still predominately whatever color the rose is I'm making.
  • Add "logs" that are wedge shaped, increasing in width as they wrap around the center.
I'm really enjoying everyone's roses so far and analytical me wonders if the makers have their own set of personal rules for growing rose blocks, too.  Since it's Design Wall Monday over on the Patchwork Times,  here's the virtual design wall of early rose blocks made for the Block Lotto by sneak peekers, Andi, Caroline, Cathy, Ginny, Kate, Kathie, Kim, Pat and Sarah

Kate's Rose 
#9Kate's Rose 
#8Kate's Rose 
#7Kate's Rose 
Kate's Rose 
#5Kate's Rose 
#4Kate's Rose 
#3Kate's Rose 
Kate's Rose 
#1Pat's Rose #2Pat's Rose #1GInny's Rose 
Rose #1Kathie's 
Rose #2Kathie's 
Rose #1Kim's Rose #1
 Rose #2Kim's Rose #3Kim's Rose #2Caroline's
 Rose #1
 Rose Block #1Sarah's
 Rose Block #1Sarah's
 Rose Block #2Cathy's
 Rose Block #2

For a look at what others have on their design wall, check out Judy's blog post Design Wall Monday - August 2, 2010.


Wilma Lee said...

Beautiful blocks. They really do look like roses.

Diane said...

very pretty blocks.
I would want some 'rules' too-help keep the roses from becoming tulips (?) :)

sophie said...

Thinking about what makes an image look like a rose and how to create a rounded shape from straight lines has been very interesting. On the Block Lotto blog I blogged about some other rose examples I found in art, fashion and ... quilts.

Anonymous said...

Now that's very interesting. I especially like your yellow rose, the center really looks like the center bud of a rose. Have to go check out the instructions on the Block Lotto blog.

AnnieO said...

Can't say as I blame you for developing a bit of a rhythm as you do these beauties--we humans like symmetry and order for the most part!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

So what will you do when you win them?

I like them, very interesting. Hmmmm.

glen in Louisiana

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what is the name of the ruler that you use with this block to get the 5 sided shape? I will need to be on the look out for it - creates a very interesting block!

sophie said...

No special rulers required. These are liberated style blocks and none of the centers are the same, nor are any of them actual pentagons with equal sides and angles. I just eye-balled it and trimmed a small piece of fabric to have five sides to begin. In my notes on making the block, I suggest starting with a non-square–a triangle or hexagon works well, too.

I won't be winning these blocks, because I'm donating my chances to any first-timers that join the block lotto this month. But I do have a plan for a quilt with a border of red and pink roses.

Susan said...

Your roses are coming along nicely.

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Those blocks are beautiful. I think I'd like to make some of them--right after I finish the other 997,000 projects I have going.

shellysquilts said...

These are GORGEOUS! I luv em! Happy sewing!

Mama Spark said...

Cool roses, Sophie! Can't wait to see them as they come in.

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