Saturday, February 05, 2011

String Hearts and more Strings

Sophie's Heart #7This month's lotto block is this string heart.

My directions for making this block are here.

I pieced the string "fabric" for 10 blocks at last month's UFO night from a bunch of "strings" I've been tossing into a large zip lock for the past couple years ... and when I was finished, the bag looked exactly the same size.  Scraps and strings really do seem to reproduce on their own.

Here are the rest of my hearts.

Sophie's Heart #10 Sophie's Heart #9 Sophie's Heart #8
Sophie's Heart #6 Sophie's Heart #5 Sophie's Heart #4
Sophie's Heart #3 Sophie's Heart #2 Sophie's Heart #1

(You can see the virtual quilt made from 60 blocks from Block Lotto sneak peekers at the bottom of this post: String Hearts for February.)

Working on these string blocks, along with the interesting block (and technique) used in my feedsack quilt clicked and a new string quilt project was born.  For my Friday Night Snow In last night, I dipped into those strings, pulled out the lighter ones and pieced some more "fabric."

Before After 

If you look carefully, you can see that 16 string squares later, it DOES look like I made a dent in those strings . . .  though there are plenty left.


Cattinka said...

Ah now I see, what you plan on making, these are beautiful hearts!

Debra Dixon said...

I just love hearts. This is such a wonderful collection of them too. They make me want to strip piece some to go along with your Lotto Blocks.

Barbara C said...

What great looking blocks. I really like the scrappy look and it's a great way to put at least a small dent those endless strips.

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