Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not exactly a silk purse from a sow's ear

After I finished adding the mitered border to the string quilt in the previous post, here's what was left.

Leftover string "fabric"

I had 4 of the original string squares from the block lotto that weren't used in the quilt and the 8 triangles trimmed away when I mitered the corners of the string pieced borders. The angles of the strings weren't consistent–I feared that any design that put them side-by-side would be too confused.

Quilted StripsI added black to the triangles and squared all the blocks to the same size, about 5 1/2-inches square. My plan is to make a smallish tote to hold a knitting project. My directions for a tote like this are here: Summer Tote from Orphan Blocks.

I have the four sections for the bag assembled and quilted.  Lately I look at small projects like these as an opportunity to practice–as you can see, I am still working on quilting unmarked feathers, constrained to fit a designated space.

The thread was pretty randomly chosen from my thread stash ... I don't think I've ever used something with so much contrast  . . .  but doing so really forced me to see where I wiggled, jiggled or quilted myself into a corner :-)

Quilt Detail 

Check out other quilters WIP s on Wednesday (WOW) on Ester's Blog.


Esther Aliu said...

Welcome and thank you for joining WOW. This looks great and I love high contrast thread, so effective.

Melinda said...

Your quilting looks great - I am looking forward to seeing the finished tote.

Unknown said...

I've still to tackle feathers - well done

CHRIS said...

Wish my knitting had such a beautiful bag. Love your feathers.Happy Stitching Chris

Bunny said...

Love what you are doing, quilting is great.

rubyslipperz1052 said...

I think this is going to be a VERY cool, VERY fun bag to carry knitting...or anything else. Your quilting is a great addition to the fabric piecing. =)


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