Saturday, September 03, 2011

It's all Wendy's fault

Detail of Butterfly in printAfter I posted the photos of my Praire Gothic chairs and wrote about making some floor cloths with simple stripes . . . my friend Wendy, who is an extraordinary rug hooker with a great sense of color,  noticed a bit of a butterfly wing visible on the arm of the chair.

"You should put some of those butterflies on your rug," she commented ... and with that simple comment,  my immediate reaction that I am not a painter, and the discussion that followed, the door opened to considering a design other than simple thick and thin stripes I had planned.

Despite my inability to wield a paint brush, I am now noticing–and seriously considering–design ideas everywhere. This morning, it was painted on the table of a cafĂ© where I stopped for coffee and a breakfast taco.

Am I crazy to think that this folk art style painting is in the realm of possibilities for a non-painter like me?

Edited to add ... after I blogged about my chairs, the Etsy vendor that sold me the fabric blogged about my chairs, and Jane Sassaman (who designed the fabric) blogged about my chairs, I emailed the links to John's Upholstery so they could see how much everyone loved my chairs..  He responded by thanking me for appreciating their work. 


Rainbows in Wool said...

I'm not a painter, but this much I know. It's the exact opposite of hooking, you paint what's on the bottom first and work you way to the top. As to the butterfly, to enlarge, gently trace the motif on tracing paper with a pencil, then blow it up. Better yet blow up several butterflies and experiment with placement. Yes you can.

Debra Dixon said...

. . . that's why I bought an embroidery machine-so I could have some motifs when I wanted them!

Moira said...

I love how your chairs turned out! And love that they've been blogged about by others. =)

Jacklyn Wood said...
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