Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's been a while ...

It's been a while since I shared my wall for design wall Monday or took a workshop.  Here's my wall today:

From the top, I've got January's Lotto Blocks, the Block Lotto Banner Quilt (because I need a better photo of it),  a portrait I stitched today in a workshop with Lolo Jenkins and my first 6 Just Takes 2 blocks.

I couldn't believe that it's been a few YEARS since this former quilt class junkie signed up for a guild workshop.

Class Room

I was pleasantly surprised at how much light we had in our "meeting" room, despite it's lack of windows--and lots of tables for everyone, too.

Lola Jenkins and her Cameo SampleThe workshop with Lola Jenkins was just about perfect--lots of learning and fun, too. Although I made the standard class project--Lola is holding the class sample in the photo--others in class brought their own photos or portrait drawings and everyone's project looked great ... and I think everyone finished stitching their portrait well before the end of the 6 hour class.

And, I think everyone had fun--even those that weren't that comfortable with free motion quilting before they arrived.  I confess that I wasn't aware of Lola's work, but I wouldn't hesitate if I had another opportunity to spend time, learn some more of what she has to share.

Cameo Class Project - in progress
Since I brought her home, I've made my flapper a little more Cameo like--she's destined to be part of a large Tote--perfect for packing up for the next workshop or taking a quilt to show and tell at a guild meeting. (If I finish in time for tonight's meeting, I'll post an update

To see what's on the wall of other quilters around blogland, check out the links on the Design Wall Monday post on Judy's blog, Patchwork Times


Michelle L. Momof11 said...

Lola Jenkins is from OKC and has spoken to our guild in Norman a couple of times and is an honorary member of the guild. She is a lot of fun!

AnnieO said...

Beautiful portrait! What a fun and different class to take.

Michelle said...

Your portrait is absolutely gorgeous!

Barbara C said...

Great portrait! I love everything you have up on your wall.

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