Friday, May 11, 2012

Sunrise at SAF

How early is it? That's the reflection of the sunrise on the windows of the Santa Fe airport.
The plane is here and looks ready to go ... and so am I.

I hear that it's been raining in Texas--it's a good thing, but I selfishly hope it stops before I pack up some furniture and sone more household items, load them into a truck and make the drive across Texas ... again.

Update ... Apparently the plane is not "ready to go" ... and we're all being reassured that they will be able to reschedule our connections ... anyone want to hang out with me in Dallas if I get stuck there?

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Location:Santa Fe


Rian said...

Here's hoping you have clear skies and smooth roads for your trip back to Santa Fe.

Anonymous said...

So this job has turned into LONG term..... even if it is raining in Texas now it never lasts long this time of year.... pray for the big gray cloud to hang around.... shade is GOOD.

lj_cox said...

Safe and easy travels to you! Santa Fe airport is cute, J had to fly out from there mid-March, and it reminded me of airports in the 60's.

zizzybob said...

Hang out in Dallas airport? Been there, done thanks.
Good luck in you new adventure.

Linda in Calif. said...

I bet you are so happy to be home (which I'm sure you are by now!) Lovely statue.

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