Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fish Out of Water?

This wonderful fish sculpture is on the bank of the Santa Fe River.

These days he really is a fish way out of water ... Because the nearby river is dry.

There was thunder as I walked to Tia Sophia's for lunch. I hope there is rain to follow ... even if I get wet walking back to the office.

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Rian said...

I think in your area they would call that liquid sunshine, no?

Hope you get rain soon. Everybody needs it.

Unknown said...

Hi, hoping you have some rain, this is the first wet winter we have had in Melbourne after coming out of a 15 year drought last year when we had floods all over the country.

Barbara C said...

That's a beautiful sculpture, but the poor fishie needs some water. It rained buckets when I was in Austin a week ago, I hope you get some rain too.

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