Monday, October 08, 2012

What is it about October?

With October comes Socktober, Octoberfest, Blogtoberfest and other events, ad nauseum.

I am a little bothered by some of the "it's October so I must blog every day even if I have nothing to say" posts, but the pretty Sockober knitting I am seeing in blogland has prompted me to pull some sock yarn out of my stash, along with an old, straight-forward pattern.  After two days of TV knitting at night, I'm one sock done, one to go.

Simple Sox 

The yarn is Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox; the 60% alpaca yarn is so soft, I can't wait for the first cold day I wear these on a test run ... but first, I need to finish that second sock.

The basket is intended for stitching (notice the clever rod for holding thread spools, but it's also right-sized for small knitting projects (and easily put on a high shelf or in a drawer or closet to keep the curious cats at bay.


Unknown said...

What a great little basket. I love October because it is Spring and Summer is just around the corner.

Ruth said...

The cold weather in October makes me want to start knitting again.

sophie said...

My urge to knit as soon as there is a chill in the air is so strong. Now that I'm living in a place with real winter again, I expect that urge will last through the season ... plus I'll be able to wear some of the sweaters i've made over the years. I'm excited now ... we'll see how I feel about winter in a few months.

Barbara C said...

It's nice to see your knitting: you're fast with socks. I've got a half sock knitted that's been lingering in the work basket for more than a year. I guess I lose interest with them pretty quickly. Your beret also turned out nicely. Living in a cooler climate definitely inspires production.

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