Friday, March 01, 2013

Marching On

The perennial UFO is off the design wall, replaced by my work so far for Victoria's Tea Towel Challenge.

March Pick for a Lovely FInish

It's my pick for a Lovely Finish in March

The fabrics are laid around the finished sections where they will be dominant so I can check for overall balance.  I'm not sure that mottled green square near the bottom right will make the cut.  The pale gold at the top is from a vintage tablecloth with interesting woven texture. I plan a couple more pieced sections and more appliqué ... all finished with a scrappy pieced border. None of the sections are sewn together yet ... there could be more shuffling before I'm through. 

The rules for the Tea Towel challenge are:

Build a quilt around a tea towel

Check.  As much as I loved this (new, from Moda Home) tea towel--the subtle coloring is a challenge.  It would be easy to overwhelm it with brighter quilting cottons.  I've decided to stay within the four colors palette in the towel and am trying to let the towel be the star at the center of this medallion-style quilt.

Incorporate made fabric

The black fabric behind the appliqué is made from scraps from my black bin.  The hens are also made of made fabric using cream scraps.  I plan more made fabric in other sections.

Find one new technique  

The appliqué prep technique I used for the thick coarsely woven vintage tablecloth (at the top of the design wall) that I used for the sunflowers was new to me.  I have some more appliqué planned with that fabric and will share how I did it.   I also have plans for one more new-to-me technique in this quilt. 


Hilda said...

I love how your tea towel challenge is unfolding. I look forward to seeing it all come together!

Paulette said...

The applique piece is very striking. Love how this is coming along.

Unknown said...

This is going to be brilliant Sophie - I love how all the colours are going together and the vintage table cloth. Wonderful!

beth said...

Ooh! I love how this is looking!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

This sounds a really interesting challenge. I love your tea tow and and the way your building the four colour designs around it :)

joe tulips said...

When I first read about this tea towel thing...I wasn't sure. But, this turns me into a believer. I adore those little chickens you made.

carol fun said...

What a cool design challenge - I love the chickens - they are perfect in my opinion!

Jane Holbrook said...

Yes, I like your little hens. And hmmm the mottled green? I am not seeing it, could be wrong. More yellow? I am doing the tea towel challenge also' and why didn't I put that as my March challenge? Two birds with one stone. Oh well, paring down the UFOs, and I really like where you are going with your tea towel. I will be following your work.

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