Friday, February 28, 2014

Tea Towel Challenge Update and March Goal

Earlier today, I included the Tea Towel Challenge among my February Failures. My ideas for a quilt based on the Fairy Tale Calendar Towel keep circling in my head, but just haven't come together enough for me to make any real progress.

This morning, I decided to follow my own best advice to myself and work on something else–in this case, another, less complex, tea towel idea. And, to give myself an extra little push, I'm making this project my goal for a Lovely Finish in March.

This pair of hot air balloon-themed tea towels were one of my purchases last fall, when I first started thinking about making another tea towel quilt and ended up collecting a few of them

They are new, 100% cotton, made in India and very VERY thin.  Backed with some lightweight fusible interfacing, I think they'll be OK.  In the last couple days, an idea for using them in a quilt popped and, this morning,  I pulled these fabrics from my stash as possibilities for the new quilt. 

Whether it's really because Mercury has been retrograde or something else, I've decided to extend the time periods in the linky tool for the in-progress and show & tell updates ... just in case, I'm not the only one who has been a little stuck in February:

In-progress:  February 1 - March 31
Show & tell: March 1 - May 31 

I am optimistic that by following my own best advice to my self, working on this new tea towel project will shake loose the ideas in my head for my first choice and I'll make progress on both projects ... stay tuned. 


roccagal said...

so glad you changed the deadlines as I was really struggling with March for the finish as I have another really important one the MUST be done by end of March and I have not even started!
I like this TT as well.

Judy S. said...

A good thing since I just found a tea towel recently! Thanks!

joe tulips said...

Extensions for brain freeze. I love it. This helps me. I worked on mine some, but wasn't in love and there it sat as I pondered. Love the colors of your tea towel and fabrics! Maybe the new coffee maker played a part in this new direction.

Helen Wahl said...

LOVE the hot air balloons!

Would love to do a tea towel quilt sometime but it's just not in the cards for me right now. Can't wait to see what you create.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank goodness! I'm still staring at my SECOND one, since I lost the first one somewhere. I know there's an idea in there somewhere, just haven't found it yet. Thanks for the extension!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

OH! Thank you so very much. I started mine at the retreat, found I had the wrong fabric and had to set it aside.

I am guilty guilty guilty of Failing in February as well

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