Thursday, May 01, 2014

A New Month, a New Block Pattern for the Block Lotto

The block I picked for May is another 7 inch square. I called it Diagonal Bars ... though, when you put the blocks on point, the bars are no longer diagonal are they? These are the 7 blocks I've made for the Block Lotto so far.

7 Diagonal Bars Blocks

Here are some of these blocks, made for my Mod-Mod Sampler quilt.

4 Diagonal Bars for my Mod-Mod Sampler

You can find a link to the pattern on my Free Quilt Block Patterns page and details for this month's block lotto here: May's Block is Diagonal Bars.

It was inspired by one of the quilts in the Infinite Variety exhibit of red and white quilts a few years ago.

I changed the proportions to make it easy to rotary cut and sew as a 7 inch block.  I changed the color because, unfortunately, we've had problems in the past with red and white lotto blocks bleeding after being sewn into quilts.

The Linky topic this month on the Block Lotto is to blog about sources of inspiration. This month's block, as well as the Feather Bed quilt I'm making are definitely examples of how I am sometimes inspired by the quilts that cross my path.


Jill said...

It appears to be a simple block, yet it is quite striking when several blocks are pieced together.

Anonymous said...

Yep, definitely have to try that out. I will have to pick a day and just DO it.

Terri said...

Love the design, Sophie, especially in red and white.

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