Thursday, November 13, 2014

Santa Fe Plaza - Then and Now

I happened to have my camera with me when I saw this photo, captioned, "People Sitting on the Plaza, Santa Fe - 1912." It was decorating the hallway of an office building.

Santa Fe Plaza, circa 1912

I love the hats that some of the ladies (and men) were wearing.

Detail from 1912 Photo Detail from 1912 Photo

These days, it looks much the same, though it's clear that Fall is here and most of the tourists have gone home.

Santa Fe Plaza November, 2014

Along with the leaves, most of the tourists, musicians, artists and food vendors have gone ... though not all. Even on a cool day (Monday, before it was really cold), the sun was shining and some people (including me) were out and about and enjoying it.

The last food vendor of the season     Music and Dancing

The Plaza     The Plaza


Julierose said...

Love that tour. thanks for the virtual walk back in time...Santa Fe Plaza looks like a nice destination ...hugs, Julierose

Needled Mom said...

I've always loved Santa Fe. It was fun seeing the old picture of the plaza.

Farm Quilter said...

Amazing how different the dress is, then and now. What happened to change the way we dress from looking as good as we could when we went out to a sweat shirt and jeans are just fine? I appreciate how good everyone in the old picture looked and I appreciate how much easier it is to throw on a sweat shirt and jeans!!! Did we get lazy and not really care about the image we present? Sigh - thanks for sharing the great pictures of a beautiful place!

Kathryn said...

I'm glad I didn't live in that period. I just can't wear a hat!! My head is too big.

Jo said...

It's lovely comparing then and now. Thankyou

Karen Ackva said...

oh, how very lovely! A trip down memory lane and comparison. Thank you for sharing. Fall is beautiful there!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing fall in Santa Fe. Just off the square, half a block down, there's a very expensive hotel which makes the most wonderful creme brulee. They were very nice to us, though we weren't dressed for the dining room, and they served us in the library. =)

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