Sunday, December 07, 2014

Approaching Normal

For those who wonder, I am still, surprisingly, hurting and am frustrated by the things that I still cannot do, but I continue to act as if things have returned to normal and make the effort.

New Project IdeaYesterday, I took advantage of the sale on holiday fabrics at Santa Fe Quilting and came home with these ... and an idea on how I want to use them.

I felt bad about leaving the store in a bit of a mess because I just couldn't push the bolts back in place on the shelf.

I have owned the Art to Heart Book, 12 Days of Christmas and the stand for the little quilts for a while and I love the idea of using these little quilts to count down to Christmas ... and perhaps, with these new fabrics in hand, I will be able to make it happen this year ... if I can get past the pain of applying pressure with a rotary cutter necessary to cut the fabrics.

Orange ScrapsI have also pulled out my orange scrap bin and the die cutter to make the blocks I need for one of my rainbow scraps challenge project (and goal for a lovely finish in December), but ... I am afraid the motions involved may not be possible for me to accomplish without pain ... yet.

I know that getting back to working with fabrics will be good for me, emotionally and creatively, though, so if I cannot work on these two December projects, I will find do-able others.

Although I missed the deadline for QuiltCon, I am still motivated to finish this quilt, from the Michael Miller challenge fabrics.

MM Fabric Challenge - Still in-progress

I had just finished arranging the randomly colored log cabin blocks and started sewing them together before the crazy life events of the last few weeks ... and left them on my design wall looking just like this for almost a month.  I am still excited about the quilt design I have in mind for this quilt and am motivated to finish.

Perhaps, the best choice for me would be some handwork ... I keep thinking about getting organized for some comfortable, restful, hand-quilting. I just have to get past the physicality of reaching, pulling, arranging involved in basting a quilt.   If I can make this last one happen, I am looking forward to a Slow Stitch Sunday evening of hand quilting and stress reduction.


Kaja said...

I love your log cabins - they are going to make a great quilt. I hope you recover enough soon to get some of the simpler tasks done without pain.

Gail in Vegas said...

I's sorry to hear you still hurt so much. Your attitude is positive though and a little retail fabric therapy is always helpful. I had to have some last weekend and 5 or 6 fat quarters for a project sure lifted my spirits.
Take care of yourself!

Julierose said...

Oh Sophie I am so sorry you still hurt--I know I did for a long time --not to discourage you but it does take time to heal. Pulling and pushing are DEFINITE NO-NO's. Your idea of handwork may be the best for a bit. You must be frustrated by it all. Thinking positively like you are will help--but rest and time are the real cure...lil pats from my heart to yours, warmly, Julierose

Deb A said...

Oh no. so sorry you are not back to 100% yet. Wishing you some healing thoughts.

Needled Mom said...

It is amazing how long it takes to heal the body. Hang in there.

Love those log cabin blocks.

Mystic Quilter said...

It's saddening to read that you are still having such a lot of pain and being so incapacitated. I do hope things ease up for you soon. Perhaps hand stitching with a stool or small table right by your side so you don't have to reach more than a couple of inches for threads etc.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I am sorry you are still hurting. I know how long it takes to heal! I do like your MM project. I await its finish to see the whole thing

Sue said...

I'm sorry you are still hurting. Your log cabin blocks looks great. Love the fabrics you got in the sale. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them! Slow Stitching is very soothing and I hope it helps. I've popped over from Slow Sunday Stitching and so glad I did!

Bridget said...

Handwork is just the ticket while you are healing. I am sorry you missed the Quiltcon entry deadline. I did, too, because of guests, but a good time we had, so it's all good and there's always next year: It's the group quilt the Chicken River buddies made.

As someone who has had her share of injuries, just remember that you are probably thinking, "Will I ever be the same again, hale and hearty?" And you might be despairing a big about it. But my knee, foot, hand, finger and head all ended up healed, almost by surprise one day when I wasn't expecting it. (Separate injuries, all, but what can you expect from a lefty?)

Wilma Lee said...

Hang in there. You will heal!!!

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