Monday, January 19, 2015

Blocks on the Wall

Here's a look at my design wall today.

Design Wall - January 19, 2015

 On the left are five black and white Double Nine-Patches for the January Block Lotto. You can read more about these (and download the block pattern) here:  New Year, New Block.

On the right are a pair of red and white blocks called Serendipity blocks for the new block lotto at the local guild ... as many years as I have been organizing the lotto for, I have to support anyone who is taking on a similar project.

On the wall just before this photo was taken is my first February lotto block. Now all I have to do is write up the block pattern.

There are some much more interesting design walls over at Judy's Design Wall Monday link up.


Quilting Nonnie said...

I like the black and white blocks you are making. I especially like the ones that have the black on white alternate blocks.

Terri said...

Interesting those red blocks... or is it because they are red? You are good people, Sophie.

Anonymous said...

I'm still hoping to get a couple of black and white blocks made, now that I found the fabrics in my cleaning. I really like the red ones, too. I may have to try that for leader-enders.

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